Zhaoqing city to achieve full coverage of personal mediation studios

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The creation of personal mediation studio is the project of Zhaoqing 2021 Municipal Social Governance Innovation Competition.It is reported that in recent years, judicial administrative departments at all levels actively explore zhaoqing city people’s mediation mechanism, in order to “special prestige, special experience, special, special effect” as the principle, in-depth excavation has higher legal knowledge, rich experience in the mediation and good mass base, “wise men”, in the city to create a personal brand mediation studio.At present, each county (city, district) in Zhaoqing city has achieved full coverage of personal mediation studios.Since 2020, the city’s private mediation studios have successfully mediated 237 disputes.Sihui Li Zhiwen mediation studio is one of the individual mediation studios with remarkable achievements in the people’s mediation work in Zhaoqing city. It is composed of li Zhiwen, a mediation “expert” with more than 20 years of legal work experience and three other people.”People’s mediation requires truth finding, good listening and cutting to the chase.”Sihui community volunteer association, jevons lee, director of the people’s mediation committee mediation jevons lee, head of the studio, for instance, on September 26, 2021, he learned that in the process of a routine of the rule of law publicity and secondary disability of sihui citizens new in 2018, li mou lend their hard-earned money 100000 yuan to work at sihui Chen hong,But over the years, he has only received 500 yuan, and the other party has blocked his phone and wechat, making it impossible to recover the rest of the money.After further understanding clear case, Li Zhiwen immediately contact Chen Mou Hong to launch mediation and persuasion work.In many telephone communication fruitless, he also found Chen Mou Hong’s unit and his face to face communication, but the other side said that has been heavily in debt, unable to repay the debt in the short term.For this, Li Zhiwen launched social investigation to him, discovery its existence conceals the behavior of asset painstakingly.On October 11, 2021, Li Zhiwen invited Chen Mou Hong to the mediation studio again and told him that failing to deal with the debt would have a serious impact on his work and life in the future.Eventually, Chen Mou Hong agreed to repay debts.With the settlement of the dispute, which had lasted for more than three years, Mr. Lee finally smiled.In Guangning County, when it comes to family disputes, everyone will mention “Uncle De”.He is a full-time mediator with more than 30 years of experience in people’s mediation.In September 2019, the People’s Mediation Studio Deshu Personal Mediation Studio was established in His name in Guangning County.”Most of the mediation cases we receive are family disputes, and we have successfully mediated many of them recently.”Chan said he accepted ms Lai’s divorce dispute with Mr Li on Jan 11, 2022.Among them, Ms. Lai has filed divorce papers with the local court, but Mr. Li did not agree to divorce.In order to let both sides open their hearts, Chen Deshan took the way of first let both sides elaborate appeals and defense to mediate.After learning, he found that the conflict between the two parties was that Ms. Lai believed that her husband did not care about the family and did not do his due duty to the family.Mr. Li believes that the two have already had children, and he still has feelings for his wife.”During the mediation process, Mr. Li repeatedly stated that he would correct his shortcomings and live a good life with his wife.Ms Lai’s attitude towards divorce is also wavering, which makes me see a change.”For this reason, Chen Deshan decided to mediate and criticize Mr. Li and persuade him to do his duty for his family by using the mediation mode of “advising, criticizing, talking and teaching”.At the same time, have an in-depth conversation with Ms. Lai, guide her to recall the process of acquaintance, acquaintance and love, let her renew their feelings.Then, ask her to consider whether there is any wiggle room.After more than two hours of Chen’s patient mediation, Lai finally gave up the idea of divorce.Looking at the couple leaving the mediation room hand in hand, Chen Deshan sighed with relief.Huaiji County justice mediation studio is also a characteristic personal mediation studio in Zhaoqing city, composed of two mediators with more than 30 years of experience in people’s mediation.”Most of the mediation cases we accept are labor disputes, and a typical case was a financing dispute in August last year.”Luo Huiyuan, mediator of justice mediation studio, said that feng Mou Ning, a resident of Huaiji County, came to the studio on August 9, 2021, hoping to solve a partnership contract project dispute.Originally, in July 2020, in the construction site to do a second-hand contractor li mou Guo persuaded Feng Mou Ning partnership contract construction site part of the project, the condition is Feng Mou ning invested 40,000 yuan, but do not participate in the management of the project and settlement.After careful consideration, Feng ning paid partnership funds.In July 2021, seeing a year did not receive shares “bonus”, and the project has also been completed, Feng Ning then proposed to Li Mou dividends, but the other side to project loss grounds, determined not to settle, the contradiction between the two sides continues to deepen.After listening to Feng Ning’s elaboration, Luo Hui yuan immediately realized that this is a disguised loan dispute.In order to solve the problem, he immediately went to the construction site contracted by Li and collected evidence. On August 11, 2021, he communicated with Li and asked him to provide evidence of the whereabouts and use of the funds and losses.After seeing his hesitation, he also publicized national laws to him, indicating that his practice of borrowing money under the pretext of financing might lead to criminal liability if losses were caused to others.After many times of mediation, Li mou guo finally agreed to return 40,000 yuan to Feng Mou Ning in the form of debt, the case disguised loan dispute was resolved.Nowadays, personal mediation studio has become an effective way to resolve conflicts and disputes at the grass-roots level in Zhaoqing city. It focuses on the urgent and anxious problems of the masses, gives full play to the role of people’s mediation as the “first line of defense”, effectively maintains social stability and harmony, and further promotes the innovation and development of municipal social governance.Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com