Guizhou: 50 county-level medical sub-centers will be built in 9 cities and prefectures in 2022

2022-06-01 0 By

On February 8th, the reporter learned from the Health Commission of Guizhou province that guizhou will launch the first batch of 50 county medical sub-centers in 2022.County medical sub-centers mainly provide residents with diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and nursing of common diseases and frequent-occurring diseases, as well as emergency first aid and referral services for critical and difficult diseases, and carry out secondary routine operations.To be responsible for the assistance of grass-roots medical and health institutions in the region and the technical management of village clinics;To be responsible for the training of health technicians, health administrators and rural doctors in the region, and to provide basic public health services to residents in the region;It is responsible for sharing some functional tasks of county-level public hospitals to become the medical treatment center, medical emergency center, personnel training center, technical guidance center and public health guidance center in county area.The nature of the county medical sub-center construction project is still township health centers, which are non-profit and newly added medical and health institutions.If the total population of a county exceeds 400,000, the sub-medical center of the county shall serve 100,000 or more radiation population in principle;If the population of a county is 400,000 or less, the sub-medical center of a county shall, in principle, serve a radiated population of 50,000 or more, and the service scope shall cover the surrounding towns and townships.The health center of Dexin Town, Guiding County, carried out the first batch of health knowledge lectures in the county medical sub-centers, each of which was invested 5 million yuan by the provincial finance. The funds were mainly used for department setting, talent team construction, medical equipment configuration, etc. It was strictly prohibited to detain, withhold and divert funds.At the same time, local governments are encouraged to invest in the construction of new medical sub-centers at county level based on their own conditions.First instance: Ding Liang second instance: Li Bei third instance: Wang Xingtao