In memory of the passing away of Ms. Chen Liuqiu at the age of 94, eldest daughter of Chen Yinke, master of Chinese studies

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Ms. Chen Liuqiu (1929-2022), the eldest daughter of the great master of Sinology Chen Yinke, passed away at the age of 94.He immediately contacted his family and confirmed that he died in Chengdu on February 12.I was sad and full of emotion.In October 2017, liu Qiu, the eldest sister, and Mei Yan, the third sister, led a group of their children and grandchildren. After 80 years of knowing and dreaming about yunnan and Southwest United University in the words, letters and writings of their father Chen Yinke, they finally realized their long-cherished wish and “returned” to Yunnan for the first time to retrace the footsteps of their father in those days.How fortunate I was to accompany Mr. Liu Pingzhang, master Liu Wendian’s sage heir, as a junior student rather than as a media.I had three feelings about this trip.First, master Chen yinke’s descendants, especially the elder sister, are extremely modest and low-key, humble and low-key to the dust;Second, in three generations, there was no one from the literature, I think, about the master alone has exhausted generations of aura and talent;Thirdly, Yunnan pays far less attention to the cultural heritage of SOUTHWEST Associated University, and many aspects still stop at the slogan of Ye Gong and Long.Turn out that year my special report, the right to remember, and hope the bereaved families.In a way, it was a good wish, too — Chen Liu-chiu would finally be back with her father Chen Yin-ke and mother Tang Yun-chiu.”Since the spring of 1938, my family has often heard my father mention the Southwest Associated University and southwest Associated University. We have always wanted to visit it. Now we have come, although my father has long gone…”On the bank of the South Lake, in the museum of Mengzi Branch of Southwest Associated University, Chen Liuqiu, a aged man with a solemn expression, said.Together with their 80-year-old third sister Chen Meiyan, the two girls and their daughter and son-in-law “returned” to Yunnan from Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai for the first time, retracing the footsteps of their father Chen Yinke in Kunming and Mengzi.The 80-year dream was fulfilled on Oct 13, when a team of seven people boarded a train to Guilin to follow in the footsteps of Chen Yin-ke’s wife, Tang Yun-yun.On October 7, 1969, Mr. Chen Yinque passed away in Guangzhou. On November 21, his wife followed him, marking the 48th anniversary of his death.Posterity trip, is a heavy and deep memory.Photo: Chen Liuqiu (left), Chen Meiyan (middle) and Liu Pingzhang (right), the eldest daughter of Chen Yinke, pose for a group photo in the “classroom” of Southwest Associated University. This is the first time for Chen’s descendants to visit Yunnan together.As time goes by, the family’s ambition becomes more and more difficult — the three sisters are already octogenarian and need special care. Even though the trip finally takes place, Chen Xiaopeng, the younger sister who lives in Hong Kong, still regrets that her son cannot take time off to take care of her.At 3:00 p.m. on October 10, liu Qiu and Mei Yan, accompanied by Chen Zhongyi, a relative of Kunming nationality, Liu Wendian, liu Pingzhang, yu Bin, a research scholar of SWU, wen Xing, a young writer from Yunnan, arrived at the Museum of SWU in Yunnan Normal University.Having undergone cancer surgery seven years ago, Chen Liuqiu is 88 years old. He carries a cane, supported at all times by his daughter.First, we visited the restored “original classrooms”, where rows of “ham stools” were standard for UNU students, attracting everyone to sit down and “find a feeling”.The narrator explained the “School song of Southwest Associated University” and led the singing. Many people could hum along with the rhythm. In the air, a warm and excited feeling of family and country arose spontaneously, as if returning to that special era of passionate leap and arduous struggle.As for the feelings of family and country, there is no need to cite examples that affect the course of history, just the trivial matter of Chen Yinque naming his daughter.The eldest daughter, Liu Chiu, and the second daughter, Xiao Peng, do not seem to come from a large family with deep traditional culture, as Taiwan (formerly known as Liu Chiu) and Penghu were occupied by Japan, he told his daughter to remember the humiliation of the country, and that these two islands are sacred territory of the motherland.To the third daughter, it is grandfather Chen Sanli’s old man, “Beautiful yan”, according to xun Zi “to move the sky, beautiful meaning to prolong years”.On the face of it, the sisters’ names don’t even qualify.Many years later, Chen Meiyan is more and more aware of the name of the three parents and elders in the view of the world, the attitude to life, to their own care, more full of deep feelings of family and country.In front of the Martyrs’ Monument of the United Nations General Assembly, Chen Liuqiu, the eldest daughter of Chen Yinke, pays a silent tribute to the friendship of the master. “My father Liu Wendian and Chen Yinke’s uncle are very close. Our two families are family friends.”Liu Pingzhang, who is already 80 years old, accompanied Chen Liuqiu and Chen Meiyan to walk slowly in the museum of Southwest Associated University, constantly telling some of the past events, each other are full of emotion.In the Southwest Associated University, where many masters gathered, Liu Wendian was most impressed by Chen Yinke, saying, “I admire him very much”.He has the ability to read English, Japanese, German and other foreign languages, while Chen is proficient in more than 20 languages. “Mr. Chen can even speak Persian and Turkic. I’m far behind him!”In August 1931, Liu Wendian, acting director of the Chinese Department of Tsinghua University, invited Chen Yinke, “professor of professors”, to write questions for the entrance examination of freshmen.As a result, a subject caused a great uproar, so that two people are facing great pressure.It is a couplet, the top line “Sun walker”, the standard answer “Hu Shi zhi”.Critics believe that under the background of the new Culture Movement in full swing at that time, using such retro “dirty stuff” to test college students is simply “reversing the history” and “objection and criticism to the New culture movement since the May 4th Movement”.Liu absolutely supported Chen yinke, but also truthfully reported all kinds of criticism to Chen yinke.Although Chen Yinque regarded it as a “vulgar sneer”, he had to publish many articles to explain it. More than 30 years later, he even wrote an “Supplementary Notes” to further explain the importance and necessity of the topic.In April 1938, Chen Yinke arrived at the Campus of Southwest Associated University by the south Lake of Mengzi after several trips, and settled in the Gelaus Foreign Company as a dormitory for professors.At that time, Liu Wendian and some professors had arrived in advance.Here, both of them have left a lot of poems, and there are classic songs of harmony, which has become a hot topic when the descendants of the two masters trace the footprints of the masters.”The south should think of the past, the north back to the end of the fear of waiting for the afterlife…”Chen Yinque’s “From the South Lake” is so popular that Liu Wendian gave it to a scholar in Yunnan province.After, and “Dian Yue Road and Yin Ke” and the reward, the poem sighed “new dream blurred old dream, hometown reduced situation away from home”.In July 1943, when it was officially confirmed that Tsinghua university would not renew Liu wendian’s employment, Chen Immediately sought the recommendation of Xiong Qinglai, the president of Yunnan University.Thus, the history of Yunnan education has liu Wendian, the master of Chinese studies, he taught yunda for 15 years, which is the last leg of his legendary life.Photo caption: Under the guidance of the interpreter, Chen Liuqiu found the names of his father Chen Yinke and his uncle Liu Wendian in the professors directory of Southwest Associated University. The no. 3 Courtyard of Dinghua Lane, Qingyun Street, cuihu Bank, Kunming was Chen Yinke’s former residence. Now, it has been occupied by junyuan, a “noble residential area”, and there is no way to find it.Get this news, Chen Liuqiu old man some dejected, then gave up the idea of looking for.In his later years, Chen Yinke lost his ability to walk because of a broken leg.But the hardest blow of his life was his complete blindness.In the museum of Southwest Associated University, there is a photo that is said to have been taken after blindness, but it still looks bright and bright.As early as 1937, during the funeral of his father Chen Sanli, Chen Yinke, then 47 years old, suffered from a sharp decline in his right eye and retinal detachment due to worries about state affairs and family affairs.Unwilling to stay in the occupied Peiping, unable to recuperate for a long time after the operation, and unable to devote himself to teaching and research with his eyes, Chen Yinque decided to give up the treatment and let his right eye go blind.Seven years later, Chen lost all function of his left eye.Chen Meiyan recalled that it was during the Spring Festival in 1945, when the success of the Anti-japanese battlefield was widely reported, but the family was shrouded in sadness and despair, and her father was also unprecedently sad.But soon he pulled himself together, fumbled with the paper, and tried to write.Two years later, lectures resumed.He even started writing Liu So Don t Turn.The 800,000-word tome took Chen yinke ten years of hard work in his last years.The difficulty of writing is unimaginable. Except for some historical materials, which were searched by students, Chen yinke kept all the historical materials in his mind. The writing method was dictated by Chen and recorded by his assistant.In fact, even though Chen was not blind, he did not have many ready-made books to refer to. As early as that year, on his way to Southwest Associated University, a large number of books, lecture notes and manuscripts that he had collected for many years were lost to theft and fire.Under the guidance of the narrator, the crowd came to the faculty list of southwest Associated University. Chen Liuqiu tried to find the names of Chen Yinque and Liu Wendian with his dim eyes.”My father and Uncle Chen met the same fate. Several boxes of his books and manuscripts were lost in exile…” liu said.Southwest museum visit Chen Liu, Chen Meiyan a some truth but not careful into the memory and Liu Pingzhang slightly can delight, looking after more than half a century, finally learned that Liu Wendian collection of these “cultural heritage” in Taipei university of science and technology, in recent years, his lawyers help is committed to “get back”, so far failed.As for how this “legacy” actually went from Hong Kong when it was lost to Taiwan, the details, separated by the dust of long history, have been difficult to find out.In April 2010, Joy and Sorrow: MEMORY of Father Chen Yinke and Mother Tang Yunyan, co-authored by Chen Liuqiu, Chen Xiaopeng and Chen Meiyan, was published.Although there have been many biographies and related works of Chen Yinque, this book of the Three Sisters has attracted the attention of readers and academic circles for its truest and most abundant details of history and life.For example, about Chen Yinke’s route to southwest Associated University.During a visit to the museum of Southwest Associated University mengzi Campus, the narrator said:The teachers and students in yunnan province is divided into three way the UN general assembly, one is “xiangqian pierces yunnan tour”, the 3500 li on foot, by the three provinces overland to yunnan, the second is xiang-gui highway, from changsha, turn to guilin, Vietnam, again by the yunnan railway train, the three is to take the train to guangzhou, via Hong Kong, to Vietnam,… to kunming, yunnan, the railway and Mr Chen yinque belongs to the third way.”Oh, no.”Hearing this, Chen Liuqiu gently interrupted the old man.”Since my mother’s hometown is Guilin, my family first went from Changsha to Guilin, then through Wuzhou to Hong Kong.Since my mother had a heart condition, we stayed in Hong Kong and my father went to Mengzi via Vietnam alone.””You’d better not use my father as an example in future explanations, because it’s not accurate. He actually started out first, not with the three armies, and it’s very clear in our memoirs.”After visiting two unGA museums in Kunming and Mengzi, liu Qiu and Mei Yan both took out several copies of their father’s memoirs and gave them to scholars and accompanying personnel.Before they retired, one was a doctor in Chengdu and the other taught chemistry at Sun Yat-sen University. None of their family worked in literature, history or literature, so they were extremely modest.On October 10 and 12, I had the honor to accompany Chen Yinke’s descendants to kunming and Mengzi to follow the footsteps of the master.Accompany, not interview.The eldest sister liu Qiu, the third sister Mei Yan and their families are all very low-key and modest. They repeatedly emphasize that they are just the most ordinary people and do not want to meet the media, let alone disturb local officials.As a result, I could only appear as a young writer’s companion and tour guide, not to do any direct interviews.In my opinion, the return of the descendants of swU masters to trace the glorious history of swU and the footprints of their fathers can be regarded as a “major event” in the cultural construction of Yunnan at present. Especially, the 80th anniversary of SWU’s entry into Yunnan will be celebrated next year. The visit of the descendants of SWU masters has a special cultural significance.Despite having read Lu Kindong’s influential Book, The Last 20 Years of Chen Yinque, many years ago, and knowing a little about the stories of contemporary masters, I was still deeply moved by the three sisters’ memoirs about their father and accompanying them to “revisit” that period of history.In the heart of Chen Yinque, Liu Wendian and other masters lofty national integrity, rigorous academic attitude and “resolute resolute” life pursuit of admiration, but also added to the feelings of admiration.Before parting, Chen Liuqiu and Chen Meiyan expressed gratitude repeatedly for the thoughtful arrangement of accompanying you and related parties.They had originally planned to bring their families on their own, but instead planned to book a hotel online and rent a car.In fact, should be grateful is yunnan this piece of land, is the whole Chinese nation.Because of the existence of southwest Associated University and its brilliant masters, the backbone of fighting and forging ahead for our nation and the transportation of rising and powerful strength for our country.Chen Yinque’s “independent spirit, free thought” is not only the value of universities, but also should become the universal value pursued by every era.