What is valuable in the 21st century, the personal brand

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First, I’d like to discuss with you a phenomenon. Do you see more and more people around you becoming self-employed or self-employed?Why is that?The answer is not hard to find, because with the development of society, there are more and more diversified personality needs, which are difficult for ordinary enterprises to directly meet, while individuals are more suitable for PPT lectures, speech teaching and so on.In addition, talented people from all walks of life to precipitate for a long time, they all have deep professional can solve the problem of ability, before one of my friends is a network management, for example, are now beginning to do the personal computer business, on-site installation system, one for 200, three times a day four single also easy, but I don’t think it’s pipeline earnings, it essentially change money or time.However, from my point of view, the above phenomenon is a good thing, which shows that the social organization is reforming and progressing. People are no longer dependent on groups, sites and tools, but on the cooperation mode between companies and organizations. Therefore, the future will develop in this direction, and the era of individual entrepreneurship has come.But don’t think that the individual entrepreneur is great, please think about you want to do a bucket, or a pipeline, in other words, you want to do a leek, or a vegetable farmer, this is a very important question.Pail, focus on immediate interests, such as watching a product, have a certain profit space, but not the advantages and resources, although it can also sell some short, long-term lack of wasted a lot of time and energy, in addition to a little income, friend resources is less and less, there may be some people doing such things.Pipeline operators focus on long-term benefits. They will find the intersection points in their own strengths, interests and resources, and then continue to create value, link resources, expand their influence and build their own pipeline benefits. Small platforms complete the closed loop, and then replicate sustainable development and long-term benefits.I think if you had to choose, you would all choose the latter, right?But did you do it?Everyone wants to build pipeline revenue, where to start?What is the most valuable in the 21st century is brand, which is potential energy and personal brand for individuals. We should establish our own personal brand through some content, products and platforms.Then we use bait to do drainage, through the personal output of content, provide services, to build trust, complete the deal, re-purchase, referral, etc., in the process, expand their influence, isn’t that the conduit?So whenever there is a pipeline income, the personal brand must not be too bad, which is why I do individual entrepreneurs, must build a personal IP transaction system.Some people say, I already know what’s important, I just want to know what to do?Let me tell you, the first thing to change is a person’s perception, and the second is how to do it?Don’t just know what to do, know what to do and don’t know why.What kind of impact does personal IP have, especially for us to market, to sell goods?Environment level, individual IP can solve the problem of the big three 1, trust, the Internet has amplified the difficulty of establishing trust, 80% of all marketing doing trust endorsement 2, clinch a deal, people find the goods time, become a cargo to era, IP is easier to clinch a deal 3, relationship between precipitation and individual IP is connection relationship, fans to buy the product, or a sense of belonging,Also this is the beginning of the stock of the individual level, it is necessary to the growth of the snowballing and gains 1, don’t use their own contacts, but set up their own potential energy 2, not temporary interests, but in the long run pipe gains 3, don’t be a leek, but rather to highlight a growing vegetables, we exactly how to build personal IP?1, first of all, we need to give ourselves a positioning direction is wrong, efforts in vain, I think this may also be a headache for many students, what should I do?What am I fit to do?We stopped the positioning to explore, in two ways, one to explore, to explore a inward to explore, from the interest, value, ability three aspects to mining, find perfectly positioned in the middle of the area, for example, my interest is playing basketball, watching movies, dismantling case, the marketing plan, ability is copy writing, event planning,Value is the value of finding out whether this focus has value. I once wanted to be a basketball trainer, but later I found that MY ability is not good. If I do something with low threshold, such as cleaning the court, it seems to have no value.So when you explore this inward, you have to think about it all.Explore outward, also want to combine the wind of the industry, as well as your resources, and contacts;Find the location, we also need a location description, which is your slogan, a word to tell someone what you are here also have two methods, one is the scene + value + identity, one is the crowd + value + + value + identity identity scene, is to provide the value of what kind of scenario,For example, circle of friends (scene) + selling goods (value) + Queen (identity), private chat (scene) + transaction (value) + Queen (identity), for example, community (scene) + realization (value) + trader (identity) crowd + value + identity, which is the person who provides what value for what crowd.For example, CEO (crowd) + speech (value) + coach (identity), Treasure mom (crowd) + entrepreneurship (value) + leader (identity), wechat business (crowd) + copywriting (value) + beautifier (identity) in this way to find your slogan, may be more accurate and fast.2, to create an IP traffic transaction system of their own why is IP traffic transaction system, rather than to create IP, because we need to create a set of system, is can go round and round, snowball to create IP.Positioning yourself and writing an article is to create a personal IP?Isn’t.What is IP traffic transaction system?IP system is not a transaction, but a transaction model with increasing influence;IP system is not built by one person, but by a group of people to help you build;IP system is also to help us clinch a deal, do not do for the sake of doing, in other words, quality and efficiency;A system of IP traffic volume, from external to internal traffic flow body body IP marketing closed-loop, look at the following figure on the left is our external flow body, is our personal, among them, the right is our internal flow, through such a model to enlarge their influence, create their own personal IP, in the process of building, there are several points under stress.In a, content output, find the target group, at the same time they can provide a platform to do content output b, have their own private domain flow, let fans the user production content or help you expand propaganda influence c, mix, mix circle is not a goal, the key is to provide value, altruism, attract resources d, looking for a project endorsed,A successful project you 2 years working experience in e, worship the mountain eldest brother, eldest brother good management, good resource network links in when we want to know their own IP traffic system, the need for packaging and contents of the output, especially used for transformation of retained the private domain of traffic system, such as WeChat individual number, this is our first impression to others.B. Circle of friends, personal business cards, online stores of enterprises and accounts on other platforms also need packaging.Finally, what is the essence of personal IP?It is our content (product) + service, which is our core value and the foundation. The upper high-rise buildings (influence, income) are all based on this, so we should not learn the method and forget the foundation.For example, I want to create a good teacher image, the content of the course is the core, so I spent 2 days writing and 3 days making PPT.In fact, the personal IP transaction system is also suitable for enterprises, so that each business becomes an IP, and the enterprise is the largest IP.I am sure this year will be a year of profit for the whole area fine operation.New consumption wave no longer, VC does not invest money, no one talks about burning money for scale.Tiktok, Taobao and wechat are interconnected, so it is imperative to make money in a refined way.Sifted through 600 articles written over the past three years to identify three themes:3, Kuaishou, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Taobao, JINGdong 5 end flow strategy made this about 150,000 words of the entrepreneur flow manual, to help everyone understand douyin, private domain and the end of the flow play, next year to make money together.Author: Liu Siyi, founder of Qunxiang, talking about entrepreneurship, traffic and e-commerce.