Here comes the list!”Jin Chen Wan” Cup Zhongwei city’s fourth Network Spring Festival Gala finals a successful conclusion

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On January 25th Media group in central city concert hall We ushered in the “jin Chen bay” cup, the fourth on its final After a fierce strain of audition final 15 Appearance in the final scene in the opening dance dance “Chinese New Year!” “meet ShengShiJu jinbei” flowers “pluck a moon as a mirror” dance “the stars twinkled in the”Sketch “Disability” dance “Sing a folk song to the Party” music allegro “Harmonious homeland” dance “National rhyme” male and female voice duet song “Salute the rebellious” dance “Prosperous Chang ‘an” poetry couplet “Qinyuan Spring · Changsha” “Water Tune head · Re-mount Jinggang” dance “Qi Xiang Rhyme” song “About ideal”The song “Prose poems written by my father”, dance, “Flowers In Beauty”, song and dance, “Building the Chinese Dream together”, dance, songs, sketches and other programs in turn, one by one excellent wonderful programs, let people linger!”Jin Chen bay” cup, won the first prize in the fourth on its final winners (1) dance sing a folk song to the party, the second prize (2) dance “the charm” male and female voices glee “salute NiXingZhe” third prize (3) al recite poetry “patio spring, changsha”, to heavy on jinggangshan, “dance” the stars twinkled in the”Outstanding Award of Dance “Prosperous Era Chang ‘an” (7 Winners) Dance “Welcome the Prosperous World To Raise A Golden Cup” Music Allegro “Harmonious Homeland” Dance “Qi Xiang Love Rhyme” About The Ideal “Dance” Hundred Flowers Compete in Beauty “Song Accompanying Dance” Jointly Building the Chinese Dream “Song” Prose Poem Written by My Father”Disclaimers: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is any source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us by email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: