How is the walking dead made?

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How is the walking dead made?Psychology is the ultimate culprit and the biggest enabler.My friend, if you trusted your whole life to psychology, and it told you there was no cure, what would you have left?Not only do they have side effects, they can paralyze your nerves and cause new pain.You know, it just paralyzes you, because you can sleep with medication, and your physical symptoms will be relieved and you’ll feel better.But the problems that caused your inner pain are still there, and new ones keep appearing.The pain is just covered up, but it doesn’t go away, it just keeps building up, and the pain inside is really indescribable.You know, the heart must work on the heart.All problems can be solved by dividing the knot.The so-called psychological and spiritual suffering is of course caused by real problems (attachment and desire are the real root of all problems).Some friends think that he has no reason, but in fact he does not know that his inner emptiness and confusion is the source of the problem.As the persistent real problems can not be solved, increasingly anxious, so sweat, meditation, insomnia at night (thinking about things), resulting in physical and mental can not rest.The body began to appear a variety of so-called somatic symptoms (so you do not lack any amine, you lack of sleep), mental shortage, the heart becomes sensitive, suspicious and restless, and even a variety of hallucinations, all kinds of despair and pain feelings, thoughts are endless.These are all normal signs of running out of energy, or even your brain going completely out of control.Moreover, at this time, the external problems are not solved, but more and more.Coupled with the physical and mental pain at the time, the two reinforce each other in a vicious cycle of endless pain and despair.Both the practical problems and the physical and mental pain have not been solved but are getting worse.These problems are with you all the time, making you feel restless and restless all the time, so you try to solve them all the more, but you just burn yourself out, add fuel to the fire, and push yourself further into the abyss of pain.Survival and resistance are human instincts.In order to get rid of the pain, everyone tried their best.They fought it in all kinds of ways.Such as vigorous exercise, music, movies, shopping, etc.They had really tried their best, they had fought, but the more they fought, the more they fought.It ends in despair, failure and abandonment.Why did it fail?It is because I did not fundamentally solve the inner problem, and I am still thinking hard about all kinds of solutions, so I still did not sleep, body and mind still did not rest (this is the most critical), and third, I did not insist to the end (because THERE is no hope, I was forced to give up).In fact, the biggest problem is the effort in the wrong direction.That’s the scary part, that we’re falling further and further from where we want to be.Why is it the other way around?Because it’s an adversarial approach.In fact, the confrontation here is also based on the principle of occupying thinking I said, which is an instinct of self-protection.But what I mean by possession is based on acceptance and surrender to all of your problems, both practical and so called psycho-spiritual. It’s based on letting go.We use work and mindfulness to occupy the mind is not for the purpose of solving any problem, is for work and mindfulness itself, there is no confrontation and no solution, it is natural, it can flow downstream;If you try to occupy your mind with confrontation and resolution, you are fighting and continuing to consume you instead of recuperating, which will only lead to more exhaustion and pain, and ultimately to despair and giving up.Once give up after, to what all do not report interest, to what all do not report hope (some friends think he is not crazy, in fact, has arrived at this stage).He lived entirely by imagination, entirely in a world of his own imagination.That world is actually small, so the small things in his eyes become all, bigger than the sky, enough to crush him.People flee, but the pain is still there.It is a survival instinct to escape and hold on to pain.He was completely out of touch with the real world, completely oblivious to the real world, unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy, oblivious to normal.He was free to imagine and ride as he pleased in this world of his own invention.Can overcome everything, can satisfy their own everything, the reality of the unsatisfactory here can be perfect solution.He was paralyzed by this illusion.That’s one situation.Others smoke, drink, indulge in sex, consult, complain, ask for help, or get together with fellow sufferers.Others began to brood over the meaning of life, which they called philosophy (the meaning of life is to be lived, not thought out).These can temporarily paralyze and relieve pain, but they are only self-deception.You can’t sleep or sleep because the pain and problems are still there, but you are completely out of options and hope.At this time, the emergence of psychology, let your eyes shine, finally find the spiritual sustenance.This is really spiritual, because you know that psychology can’t solve it, but like a sleepy person who happens to meet a pillow, when you are cornered, psychology becomes your only comfort.You can put all your problems behind you and feel relieved, or you can face the complaints of others with dignity.Even though you know that psychology can’t solve your problems, it seems to solve your problem of feeling blameless, innocent, or even a victim and deserving of redress.He had no choice but to do so, because he had exhausted his means, because he could find no other explanation, because there was no escape from the pain, and there were physical symptoms, and there was no doubt that he was ill.In any case, the illness became his only lifeline, his only reason to live, his only spiritual sustenance, his lifeblood.At this time, who want to tell him no disease, disease does not exist, he will and you desperately.Even some people really have no way, really can not find the reason, simply put him down to genetic, blame to parents, so as if he is more at ease.However, whether you blame your illness or your parents, you can’t really feel at ease, because the pain is still there, the pain is still you, which can’t deceive others.If you can’t face yourself, you will continue to suffer, and more and more, and there will be no relief.In addition, because of your unwillingness to face reality, you become detached from reality and live in your own narrow imaginary world.The world is small, but it’s big in your eyes, and it’s all you have.The world is unreal, but for you very real.Your family will never be able to understand or imagine your inner world, and they will never be able to accept your crazy ideas.In their eyes, you are nothing, etc., so don’t expect anyone to understand you.What’s more, you’re hiding from reality, but it’s always there for you.Real problems will only grow bigger and bigger if you run away.No one can be truly divorced from reality.You run off to the ends of the earth, you hide in a dark room, and your phone bill goes up because of you.You may have blindfolded yourself, but the questions still haunt you.You also face the incomprehension and criticism of your family.You can blame it all on the illness, but the pain is not a lie, and it continues to haunt you all the time, always with you, making you suffer all the time.Drugs paralyze your nerves, but they don’t make the pain go away until it becomes unbearable.To know that the pain is in the heart, the root is also in his heart, the heart is not put down the persistence and desire, so we should start from the heart.If you’re always out there trying to do things first, you’re always leaning on others, you’re just prolonging your misery.No matter how much you don’t like it, finding the real cause of your pain and accepting it is the only way to get rid of it.Avoidance, self-paralysis and name-calling are useless.Why do I say occupy thinking a lot of people oppose?Because he tried it all. It didn’t work.However, as I have said before, you are useless in the past, because the same thing, in the opposite direction, the more effort, the bigger the problem.Now you move from confrontation to acceptance, and then to possession, and it will have the opposite effect.How do you do that?The first thing to understand is that you don’t have a disease, and disease doesn’t exist, and I’ve written too much about that.Second, accept and let go.Accept yourself as you are and not solve any problems (including any practical problems and so-called psychological and spiritual problems);Third, keep thinking with mindfulness and doing things.Persistence is important, not three minutes enthusiasm, not three days of fishing and two days of drying nets, not just think of it, it is a lifetime to do this, is all the time to do this.Make it a habit. Make it part of you.It’s the only way. You have no other choice.It is not easy to change one’s habit of thinking.It requires you to be active and aware to keep doing it.So you can live a happy life.By doing so, getting rid of your present misery is soon attainable, but to be happy all your life you must persist.Because people will always encounter all kinds of troubles, if you don’t insist on the word accidentally will pull you back.And some pain is always there, such as physical pain. If you are not aware of it all the time, you can easily fall back into pain.Therefore, be sure to take the initiative to make this habit, in order to maintain happiness in any situation.Do not cry hard, there is no other way, there is no choice, only the pain is enough, otherwise you can only suffer forever.You can’t do it, I can’t do it. No one can help you.Do it, do not rely on understanding to get rid of and solve the pain, never understand, will only be more painful.Do to know, do to understand, do to really get rid of the pain.It’s no use lying down in bed and brooding.