Reporter’s note: Why Iran winter Olympics?

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Tehran, January 25 (Xinhua) –Reporter’s note: Why Iran winter Olympics?Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Wencheng, The Iranian sports community held a farewell ceremony for the Iranian delegation to Attend the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in China on Thursday.He visited the selection of athletes, interviewed the president of the Iranian Olympic Committee and saw the delegation off.After one interview after another, the reporter from the initial surprise can also experience the joy of skiing in Iran, gradually understand the love of the Iranian winter Olympics.The first discovery was that many Iranians love skiing.Although located in the Middle East, Iranians love skiing thanks to the natural snow mountains, and there are many good ski resorts around the capital Tehran.It is now the ski season in Iran. In addition to professional athletes, there are also a large number of Iranian ski lovers pouring into ski resorts.In the Tochal International ski resort and Darbandsar ski resort visited by journalists, iranians and professional athletes can be seen enjoying the snow and ice on the adjacent slopes.The snow-capped mountains have also attracted generations of Iranians to explore the sport.Iranian female alpine skier Sadaf Savi Shemshaki first stood on a ski slope at the age of three because “I could look out the window of my house and see the snowy mountains in the distance.”In addition to listening to the skiers said that they “just learned to walk on the piste”, the reporter also saw in the ski resort has just learned to walk soon children in the coach’s help hobble onto the piste.There are even parents holding their children on the slopes to let them feel skiing and fall in love with skiing.The second deep feeling is iranians’ aversion to the politicisation of sport.Iranians, perhaps because of years of hegemonic repression, resent the politicisation of sport.”This is the Winter Olympics,” “We worked hard for it for four years,” “It is every winter athlete’s dream to participate in the Winter Olympics.”Such a voice can be heard repeatedly during the interview.In an interview with reporters, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Khatibzadeh took the initiative to talk about the Beijing Winter Olympics.He said there were forces trying to politicize “this public sporting event” as the Beijing Winter Olympics approached.Iran has repeatedly condemned such maneuvering as “misuse of the occasion to advance their ill-motivated political agenda.”Iran will send a delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics to show everyone that “we should work together to promote mutual understanding among nations”.Reza Salehi Amiri, president of the Iranian Olympic Committee, said the basic idea of sports is to promote unity among nations and improve relations between them.”Our presence sends two messages: one is that we see sport as a platform for developing relations between nations;Second, no one can undermine the will of nations to stand together.”The third harvest from the interview is that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open a new window for Iranian people to understand China.The three Iranian athletes who qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics are looking forward to their trip to China, both from the excitement of representing their country and the excitement of visiting China.Female alpine skier Atifah Ahmadi said this is her first Winter Olympics and her first trip to China.Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua put on red scarves with the Chinese character for spring for the athletes at the farewell ceremony on July 24.Ahmadi said he was looking forward to going to China, where people are known for their “happiness and jubilation.”Aware of the approaching Chinese New Year, cross-country skier Syed Sattar Syed said he wished the “dear Chinese people” a smooth New Year and was ready to compete in China.Young Iranian artists paint for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics during the dream painting exhibition of “Together for the Future” held in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 18, 2018.Most of them are primary school students who admit that they do not know much about China, but the scene where they draw the Chinese national flag carefully compared to their mobile phone pictures is touching.More importantly, they say they love skiing and are looking forward to watching the Beijing Olympics.There is reason to believe that the Winter Olympics will help them learn more about China on the other side of the screen.(after)