Zhu Yi will be on the winter Olympics skating stage again!Relax, low pressure to fight, look forward to bloom!

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For Zhu Yi this 02 years of the small general, the first stage of the Winter Olympic Games have stage fright is understandable!Although there were some mistakes during the competition on February 7, everyone believed in the winter Olympic delegation’s vision in selecting candidates and zhu yi’s personal strength.There is no doubt about Zhu yi’s strength. Before the age of 16, she had mastered all kinds of triple axel and could be said to be extremely talented.In 2019, Zhu officially changed his nationality to represent China in figure skating, and within three years, he had made it through his own efforts to stand out in the Selection process and get the chance to represent China in the Winter Olympics.It is worth mentioning that Zhu Yi performed very well in the audition, and after officially passing the audition, Zhu Yi was very excited to post: I will fight for the country.For athletes, mistakes are a part of sports, and everyone’s psychological quality is different. Maybe Zhu Yi is a little nervous when dealing with big scenes, so we can obviously feel zhu Yi’s movements are stiff in the match, but Gu Ailing also encouraged Zhu Yi constantly!In the Winter Olympics, success and failure are worthy of applause!Speaking of Zhu Yi, the selectors said: she is now more difficult than the existing level of Women’s singles in China.In addition, the selection of the Winter Olympic Games is extremely strict, so Zhu Yi represented The Chinese team to the Winter Olympic Games is the strength of the creation.Remember, this is only Zhu Yi’s first Winter Olympics. The girl still has a long way to go and many opportunities to win glory for her country.On February 15, she will have a chance to prove herself in the short program of the women’s figure skating singles. We hope she can fly against the wind and fight against the doubts. Of course, we hope to see her smile and enjoy the competition!