0 basic science sitting: the body is not good, how to sit quietly “gas”, let oneself quickly restore physical strength

2022-06-03 0 By

Some students asked what kind of state to sit quietly to get gas?Or what kind of state is chi?Because we ordinary people have a lot of people lack of qi and blood, such as shortness of breath, anxiety, insomnia and so on.In fact, from our perspective of sitting, the first thing you need is your body and mind to be comfortable while sitting.Because at ordinary times our body and mind is stretched very tight, like a string, always taut.Sunset silhouette because people are used to this kind of life, so they don’t feel it.But when you sit, you relax, you let go, your body and mind are comfortable, your breath is longer.A joy flowed naturally from his heart.Only the lonely eternal body is like the winter ice ushering in spring, slowly melting, the body from tension to relaxation, to a comfortable state.When you are in this state, you will naturally feel the chi moving slowly through your body.And the flow of the flow of time is continuous movement, rather than like the flood has a great impact.A student said, “Sir, some part of my body is beating. Actually, it may be caused by your excessive tension when you are sitting still. It is not qi.In real life, when you can achieve this state by sitting still, you’ll be energized during the day.You’ll look at everything differently than you did before.When energy is good, it’s like a fully charged electric light.The eyes are very bright and see things very clearly.So people are full of power when they are really angry.Blue cloth sitting can make our body and mind get comfortable and happy state, qi comes naturally.As long as we don’t spoil our bodies by eating too much, staying up too late, losing our temper too much, being sad too much, being jealous too much.Newborn babies are full of energy, so they don’t need to do any exercise.Because we normal people are affected by emotions, by the environment, and then cause a kind of harm to our body.That’s all for today’s share of texture clouds.Practice strong inner world, and our system of learning Chinese.If you have any questions about this feel free to leave a comment.