Haining city comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau read good “three words formula” to ensure the city appearance environment before the festival

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In order to actively implement the spirit of the special action deployment meeting of “Welcome the Spring Festival” urban fine management, and create a clean and orderly city appearance environment for the masses, The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Haining city continues to strengthen law enforcement inspection and city appearance control, and effectively strengthen the city appearance environment order during the Spring Festival.”Set” responsibilities, implement the deployment of law enforcement.The municipal Comprehensive law Enforcement Bureau divided management priorities and strengthened inspection management.Focus on the key road sections of Haining city, focus on the deployment of farmers’ market surrounding management, and divide the road sections with repeated illegal behaviors and strong public response into key management areas, strengthen the daily inspection.In view of the common problems during the holidays, fruit stalls, annual stores and other disorderly stalls, cross the door to show fruit, Spring Festival gift boxes and other phenomena, increase the frequency and scope of inspection, mainly to education and persuasion, guide and assist farmers, shops immediately rectification, to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.”Strong” service, flexible law enforcement remediation.We should advocate humanized law enforcement and promote flexible law enforcement, supplemented by punishment and given priority to education and guidance.Chang ‘an (High-tech Zone) detachment organized a special operation of “White + Black” city appearance renovation to welcome the Spring Festival. 45 law enforcement officers were dispatched to the road at the junction of high-tech Zone and Hangzhou Qiantang New Area, and carried out a special law enforcement action to clamp down on night snack stalls around Dongliang Road and Outlets.The detachment will first focus on education and persuasion, immediately rectify the situation and promise not to set up stalls on roads.If they refuse to listen to advice or rectify the situation, the detachment will take administrative punishment to ban them.In this operation, the team persuaded 11 stalls to be banned.”Check” hidden dangers, strengthen supervision and management.The comprehensive law enforcement Bureau of the city earnestly does the supervision in place, in-depth investigation of each block and key points, door by door to visit the street merchants, check hidden dangers, clear chaos, grasp norms, strict order.Adopt the way of “manual inspection + system command dispatch” to ensure orderly order.In the key period of the town to view the high-definition cameras, intersection, street surface, pavement comprehensive inspection.Once found disorderly stalls, cross the door business transactions lively, disorderly parking serious places, the wechat work group notice, road patrol law enforcement officers immediately to the scene management, improve the speed of management law enforcement, to ensure that the city on the eve of the Spring Festival disorder does not rebound.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com