“I’m an old comrade who has nothing to worry about at home. Let me go!”For two consecutive years, Jiaxing “Uncle Xu” celebrated his birthday at the quarantine point

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Qian Jiang Evening News · Hour news correspondent Tian Fang Mei Wang Yue “Xu Shu, hard work, I wish you a happy birthday on behalf of the Baibu police station!””Thank you, my colleagues!”On the afternoon of January 25, a simple but short birthday ceremony was held at a medical isolation point in Haiyan. The birthday guest was Xu Jianheng, a policeman from Baibu police Station of Haiyan County Public Security Bureau in Jiaxing city. The instructor Gan Kaijun gave him a birthday cake and blessings.It was so close and so far.According to the quarantine requirements of the medical isolation point, Gan Kaijun put the cake on the ground and retreated to the safety range. Xu Jianheng then wore a complete protective suit and carefully picked up the cake on the ground.It was Xu jianheng’s 57th birthday and the second birthday he had spent in the quarantine facility.Last year’s birthday, Xu Jianheng was also on duty at the quarantine point, without a grand ceremony, but simply ate a cake.”The epidemic will not retreat, the police will not retreat.”Every birthday in his life is very ordinary, but an epidemic has given him extraordinary significance.This Spring Festival, Xu Jianheng will also spend in isolation point, birthday make a wish, bless the family reunion, peace.Xu Jianheng, a community police officer of Baibu Police Station, is a veritable “veteran Party member” who has served in the army for 20 years.For 19 years from the police, he has been fighting in the grassroots line, many times won awards, third-class honors, and recently has just been elected by the county bureau as “old and vigorous” good police, colleagues are affectionately called him “Uncle Xu”.Recently, Baibu police station received a notice that it was necessary to send police to the medical isolation point on duty, Xu Jianheng volunteered: “This duty cycle includes the Spring Festival holiday, the institute is relatively young comrades, I am an old comrade, the children are older, there is nothing for me to worry about at home, I go.””Uncle Xu is a good example for young people to learn from, as he takes on his responsibilities and vividly interprets the requirements of ‘three abilities’.”Speaking of Xu Jianheng, Dry Kaijun repeatedly praised.In daily work, Xu Jianheng did not idle because of his old age, still participate in the same three days as the young police work, is one of the few to participate in the line of police reception and disposal of the old police, the year to participate in the duty of more than 120 days, resolve conflicts more than 100, solid community work.When he learned that the isolation point needed reinforcements, he volunteered to fight the first line of fighting against the epidemic and went there for half a month.Although he was an older comrade in the isolation point, he did not lower his own standards, but took out twelve points of serious effort to finish the duty with high quality.He has been stationed at the isolation point for two consecutive cycles for a total of one month without slacked off.At the end of September 2021, Xu Jianheng returned from the phased medical isolation point. He gave up his rest time again and began to work the next day, participating in on-duty police reception and disposal work, dealing with daily police situations, and visiting and checking the area to plug security loopholes.Xu jianheng often said, “IF I don’t go to the enterprise personally, I don’t trust.”Obviously can have a good rest, but Xu Jianheng “stubborn” up, who can not stop.In recent years, the high incidence of telecom fraud cases year by year, Xu Jianheng paid special attention to anti-fraud propaganda, created their own “anti-fraud secrets”, created a catchy anti-fraud formula, carry, each to a business posted in the obvious place.This year, since he was in charge of the full-time fire brigade in The town of Baibu, he cooperated with the leadership to implement quantitative assessment data, vigorously focused on physical training, and achieved the second place in the county fire competition.In the face of honor, Xu jianheng would often “stubbornly” refuse.”I don’t need it for an old man. Let’s give young people more chances.”During his 20 years in the army, he honed his iron will and bravely fought in quarantine and security battles without any smoke.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.