Implement eight special actions!We will promote the high-quality development of Hebei’s manufacturing industry

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Hebei News network On January 28 (Hebei Daily reporter Mi Yanze) today, the information office of the provincial government held a press conference to introduce the “14th five-year Plan for the development of high quality manufacturing industry in Hebei Province”.At the press conference.To promote the high-quality development of hebei’s manufacturing industry is an inevitable requirement to promote supply-side structural reform and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system. It is also a key move to adjust and optimize hebei’s industrial structure and cultivate new economic growth momentum.Gong Xiaofeng, director of the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that the planning closely connects the national and provincial major strategies and decision-making deployment, combined with the current situation of the manufacturing industry in our province, and strive to achieve scientific, strategic, forward-looking and operational organic unity.There are mainly four aspects to consider.We will fully implement the strategic plans of the CPC Central Committee and provincial Party Committees.We will follow the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and previous plenary sessions and the decisions and plans of provincial party committees. We will adhere to supply-side structural reform, thoroughly implement the coordinated development strategy of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and fully incorporate the relevant strategic plans of the central and provincial party committees into our plans.Fully reflect the “high quality” characteristic requirements.Accurately grasp the characteristics of manufacturing high quality development, quality efficiency as the core, insist on innovation drive, with high-end, intelligent, greening planning development ideas and promoting measures, accelerate towards industrial chain and value chain of high-end manufacturing as the main body in constructing in domestic circulation, domestic and international dual cycle of mutual promotion to hebei manufacturing new advantage in the new development pattern.Follow trends closely.Adapt to the further development of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, a series of major and cutting-edge technology to speed up the breakthrough new trend, foster the development of new technologies, new products, new forms and new mode, build industry commanding heights, foster new competitive advantages, to construct the security and stability of the industrial chain as an important content of construction of modern manufacturing system, supply chain planning of forward-looking and strategic.Closely combined with the actual Hebei.Guidance, stick to questions edge feature and short weaknesses in our province, stick to, preferring to fill short and weak item, pay equal attention to strengthen and expand existing advantages and cultivate new kinetic energy, and combined with the new situation and new requirements, deepen the implementation of the provincial party committee, the provincial government has issued policies, strengthen major engineering and project support vector,To ensure that the planning is both guiding and operational, as well as stable and continuous.The plan is divided into six chapters: development basis, overall requirements, development focus, industrial spatial layout, main tasks, and organizational support.The plan proposes to deepen supply-side structural reform as the main line, unswervingly implement the strategy of strengthening the province through manufacturing, promote the advanced manufacturing industry base and the modernization of the industrial chain, accelerate the development of high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing industry, and strive to build a modern manufacturing system.In terms of basic principles, the six strategies of innovation-driven, quality and efficiency priority, integrated development, collaborative development, green transformation and open cooperation are implemented to promote the high-quality development of Hebei manufacturing industry.As for the main targets, 15 specific targets were proposed from four aspects: quality and efficiency, innovation capacity, industrial structure, integrated development and green transformation.The plan defines the development priorities as follows:Focus has an advantage in our province, foundation, the development potential of the industry, focus on transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, strive to cultivate strategic emerging industries, accelerate the development of high potential industry layout, industry in the future, put forward to build the “4 + 4 + 3 + N” industrial system, namely do best and stronger steel, equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and food four traditional advantage industry,Fostering grow a new generation of information technology, biological medicine, new energy and new material 4 big strategic emerging industries, accelerate the development of emergency, passive ultra-low power construction, rehabilitation equipment three high latent industry, forward-looking layout block chain, terahertz, class brain intelligence, quantum information, such as industry N the future, to the development of key industries at the same time puts forward the specific direction and goals.In terms of industrial spatial layout, the plan proposes to coordinate the coordinated development of the Xiongan New Area and zhangbei region in accordance with the overall plan for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the general requirements for the planning of functional zones, define regional industrial positioning, highlight the comparative advantages of industries, and optimize industrial spatial layout.The development pattern of “one core, two poles, four zones and multiple clusters” should be constructed in accordance with regional function positioning, resource and environmental carrying capacity, and industrial development direction.”A nuclear” refers to the male Ann new high-end high-tech industry development core, “poles” refers to shijiazhuang, tangshan high quality development poles, “four” ring the Beijing and tianjin high and new technology industry area, coastal lingang industry area, hebei central south advanced manufacturing industry area, northwest of hebei green manufacturing belt, “cluster” refers to the multiple quality of county territory characteristic industry cluster.Aimed at promoting the development of hebei manufacturing high quality goals and objectives, planning proposed implementation eight special operation, namely the industry innovation ability promotion action, crucial industrial modernization and the deepening of the fusion development action, cultivate enterprise gradient, green manufacturing transition action and the deepening of the opening up and cooperation, quality brand action, manufacturing personnel training.The plan is to build a support and guarantee system for the high-quality development of hebei manufacturing industry from five aspects: strengthening organization and implementation, improving industrial ecology, strengthening project attraction and implementation, strengthening fiscal, tax and financial support, and strengthening factor guarantee.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.