Old man and old woman love love?Balara energy, sweet to tears!

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All eyes!Orange finally wrote bharara Energy today!Before we know, orange in the “fish” and “” energy” shura field between horizontal jump repeatedly, drugs also evidence in this orange ▼ https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jFSgq2M3yZtc1h0U_uT_fA but the wall in the latest issue of “the half ripe lovers,”Completely addicted to Bharara energy, of course, it all has a trace, orange immediately found some evidence of their previous love!Last time we talked about them dating, the king of the land was all over the place.But in reality, tyrants are always miserable, tyrants also have to experience some “love but not” drama ah!The next day he was told that Laura and another male guest (Yu Yue) out on a date, directly angry to the door of the dog said: “Yu Yue, sit down.”(I don’t understand your boy’s desire to win or lose??)I spent the whole night in EMO:When Laura comes back from her date, Wang can bring her dessert immediately.I asked everyone to eat it, but as soon as I heard Laura didn’t eat it, I put it back in the fridge…I went all the way around trying to get her to eat alone!Say, Wang neng can you say it!(This is not a dessert, is a piece of Wang Nengneng heart ah!)Wang Nengneng: Today is a boring day.But then it’s not boring!This time he’s not The Han King anymore, he’s The King Nionhuru Super straight Ball Master Nengneng!The next night, guests in the balcony fireworks together, Wang Neng Neng across a girl patted Laura’s head, let her see the lens ▼ (orange at the moment brain began to set off firecrackers, directly exploded into two-dimensional code!!How to return a responsibility, why did orange see a few first love enchanted plot on the body of ripe age men and women of 30+ !!!!At this time of orange: wang can!!You can do it !!!!And separate roller gift: a alpacas, also according to its head flat ▼ orange is the first time in all the king’s can see nervous and looking forward to face ▼ (vivid interpretation of what is called “the tender side”) because they were the first date that day, met a alpacas, Laura have always wanted to touch alpacas, but wang can afraid of her injury, she instinctively to protect ▼ (alpaca:I don’t want to spit today, I just want to shed tears for your love!!When she forgets to put the gift back in the bedroom, Wang Nengneng: Nervous big bar.(Tangerine, level 10 linguist, tells you that’s what “dumbass” or “little dumbass” means!)”Remember to press your hair every day,” she said.Laura can also get this is for herself.Don’t give up!She’s getting closer to you!!Because if you press your hair every day, it means that alpaca!But This show, “Half-Baked Lovers,” just likes to pop in when things are heating up!A new female guest nursery rhymes appeared, and she fell in love with Wang Nengneng at first sight…(orange are considered in the energy of love them warming agent) king can buy and ▼ was supposed to go with Laura (arranged for a whole rota, just for the chance alone with her) but nursery rhymes can also offered to king and can buy vegetables ▼ Laura felt the girl can invitation to the king, instinctively can push him to the king to freeze. JPG but he insisted on going with Laura,If you want to cook, just tell them what you want to buy.The nursery rhyme also implies that she wants to participate in the shopping as well as cooking, and she thinks that two people are enough to buy food.Next to the male guests can not see: you directly and nursery rhymes to buy not to get!(Yu Yue, keep gloating!)But Wang can double 叒 yi invited Laura: Do you want to go?(This look is: I like you, please don’t push me out…)In the end, Wang can continue to insist, or to Call Laura: Anyway, no matter what, and Laura together on the right!(Laura has said that she is an avoidant person in love. Sometimes she is overwhelmed by others’ initiative because she is afraid that their enthusiasm will disappear at any time.Orange felt wang can so persistent and determined to choose her, in fact, gave Laura a lot of security, is a very additional behavior!Orange is unexpectedly, nursery rhymes just appear stirred the cabin of a whole big pattern, but after more horse scene appears: you and arranged a date, a variety of topics Laura, wang can, YuYue, nursery rhymes to select the four sports theme ▼ is not I said, the writers write out the plot so far ok!(Laura: I won’t be the one to break up the fight.) But a real double date is not as “messy” as Orange imagined.Yu Yue has always liked Laura because she is too passive and has no movement cells. She is completely offline.While I like Wang Nengneng’s nursery rhymes, I am also impressed by their love (Bushi, this is completely the world of bharara energy!In fact, after watching so many programs, it is not difficult to find that Laura seems cheerful and lively, but in fact, she is passive and lacks confidence.However, Wang Nengneng is firmly approaching Laura every step of the way, affirming and favoring her, and helping her build up confidence again and again.They were comfortable and at ease when they actually got along.”Like you, to give you the most determined preference.”And that’s where Bharara’s energy strikes Orange the most.So, let’s drink to this love!You two locked the key together and swallowed the orange!(Stop asking if oranges sell locks!)The last sentence can not cheat orange’s feelings again!!When will such a beautiful section be released!!What kind of married life is this?(DBQ, the last sentence of the day was too much…)