People’s Daily praised “Liaonishi Spring Festival Gala” : Eulogize the style of The Times with literary works

2022-06-03 0 By

On February 7, The Overseas edition of People’s Daily commented on the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala: Presenting the new style of Northeast China with literary and artistic works, showing the dynamic development trend and cultural confidence of northeast China at the historical juncture of the two centenary Goals.On January 30, the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Liaoning SATELLITE TV’s Spring Festival Gala (liaoshi Spring Festival Gala for short) met its audience again.As brand columns, liao gala remain a full-bodied local characteristics, of literature and art with warm heart, acura and unceasing transformation of liaoning and the new style, record to build a well-off society in an all-round way in the moving story and the spirit of The Times in “two” one hundred goals on the intersection, the history of the northeast land vigorous development momentum and cultural self-confidence.In the form of dramatic interaction, this year’s Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala organically combined language programs, song and dance and creative programs, presenting a batch of works with both practical significance and artistic significance.If the sketch “love you in the heart is difficult to open” told about the new achievements of digital liaoning, digital agriculture, in laughter, through the change of small family, science and technology self-improvement, self-reliance brought by the new style show incisively and vividly.Colorful Liaoning, a crosstalk drama, integrates regional development into speech, learning, comedy and singing, showing the rich products and local charm of northeast China, and arousing the audience’s sympathy with the things around people like to see.Songs and dances combine creative programs such as “No Love in Hometown”, “The Heart of China”, “The Heart of Departure”, and Chinese and French artists jointly perform the world’s classic songs in the air, singing the main melody into the song, singing the spirit of the year and the omen of peace.Among them, “Hometown Without Love” is an emotional review of the century-old history and heavy cultural heritage of northeast China.Compared with previous years, the liao depending on the gala stage design and show form and a new breakthrough, the perspective of the choreography at 360 degrees, create immersive experience of scene, not only in the context of the audience to join the longitudinal lifting element of stage design, expand the visual space, also the first liquid stage structure, reduce the distance of actors and audience, fully build LianHuanXing and interactive atmosphere.On the stage, famous cultural troupes such as Liaoning Ballet Troupe, Shenyang Peking Opera Troupe, Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe and Jinzhou Puppet Troupe bring their unique traditional skills.Various art forms such as Chinese dance, folk dance, modern dance, ballet, hip-hop dance and rhythmic gymnastics were staged in turn, and intangible cultural heritages of Northeast China such as paper cutting and shadow play were presented in succession.In addition, the astronaut spacewalk, sports dance, Liaoning hockey youth and other full of breath of The Times, also brought surprises to the audience.