Serialized One-eyed half-saint chapter 3 Visit the Master

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Old man Sun took Qiyu all the way to yunvfeng. It was the first time that He took Qiyu to the sky. When he looked at the world below, his heart felt excited.A few breaths of time to see the jade peak, only heard old man Sun far away to shout: “Teacher sister, hurry up to open the door, you want people I brought you.”Yunvfeng fog around, can not see the inside of the situation, suddenly saw the fog from both sides of the separation, old man Sun with Qiyu quickly flew down.A woman came out slowly.Qi Yu looked up and saw a woman who was unsurpassed in beauty. She knelt down and cried, “Disciple, Qi Yu, visit your master.””Master?”The woman paused and looked at Old Man Sun.Old man Sun was angry and anxious and shouted: “Boy, what are you Shouting at random? You came to Jade Peak to be a handyman, not to worship a teacher.””Bottle washer?Didn’t I come to xuantian School to learn art?”Saiyu looked confused…”You are a five – form miscellaneous spirit root, still want to cultivate?Don’t be ungrateful!”Old man Sun angrily said, five spirit root has scattered good cultivation, that is, the life of a handyman, after all, some work also need to have aura of people to do.Saiyu bowed his head, unsatisfied.Followed the second uncle to do half a month car, hardships came to the Xuantian Zong, is not to practice, to become a fairy?But now do not let the teacher, no one to teach, how to do later?What the hell is this busboy?Purple spirit fairy see Qi Yu bowed his head to think, also do not know what to think, say: “worth all right, I also did not accept a student for decades, you I meet is also a kind of fate, you stay in jade peak to do chores, I first accept you to do a named disciple, later if you perform well accept you as a formal disciple.Qiyu was very happy in his heart, “Name a disciple, that is also a disciple.”Hurriedly new shout: “thank you teacher”.Old man Sun was sullen. What the devil was this boy doing? Didn’t anyone tell him that zaling root could only do chores, not practice?The purple fairy said to Old Man Sun, “Thank you very much for helping me to bring him here.”It clearly means seeing someone off.Seeing that his sister did not like him, Old Man Sun was also going to leave. He said to Qiyu in a quiet voice, “Little baby, follow the purple fairy in the future. Do as she tells you, and don’t imagine too much.”Old man Sun is very angry, this is not their own script, the boy took the rhythm out of order.Saw off Old Man Sun.Purple spirit fairy see Qiyu’s mood is a little depressed, can not help but feel sorry for, then euphemistic comfort to: “little baby, you just come here, if you really want to practice, don’t be in a hurry, for the teacher to take you familiar with the valley, usually free to practice again not late!”As soon as Qi Yu heard this, he felt much better.He walked behind the Purple fairy.Purple fairy looked at the patch on Saiba’s left eye and asked, “How can you be blind in your left eye at such a young age? Is it the work of your enemy?”Qiyu felt guilty and said, “No, it wasn’t. I was naughty when I was a child. I fell from the tree and was blinded by the branches.”Purple spirit fairy did not say anything, just a slight nod, said: “it is not a big problem, later find a few main materials, you can help you recover.”As they walked, the purple fairy explained the function of each room until they came to a three-story house.”My dear child, this is our master’s library. There are three thousand books in it, which have been said since ancient times. There is room of gold in the books and beauty in the books.Purple spirit fairy didn’t want to teach Qiyu what things, after all, she also knew that the five spirit root practice is extremely difficult, the need for training resources is several times the other spirit root, countless five spirit root life can not build a foundation, bring him here also want to let him die.When he heard that there were three thousand books, Saiyu’s eyes lit up.Early on the road, Qiyu had heard his second uncle say that the books collected by the immortal were all good things.The purple fairy introduced the other houses one by one, said she had something to do, and hurried away from the valley.Qiyu thought for a while and went back to the library.Push the door and enter, a jet of ink dust ash and come, it seems that the master did not come here for a long time, rows of shelves than Qiyu also one person, bookshelves full of beautiful things in eyes.Although the teacher said that she had three thousand books, but at this time, the heart is also very shocked.There was an old table in the doorway, with a rag on it. Saiyu thought that since he had been hired to do chores, he must have been cleaning or something like that. After all, as a buddhist monk, he would stay away for months and years at a time.Here we are. Let’s clean it up.Qiyu took a rag, while reading a book while cleaning, encountered interesting book titles will be taken out alone on the side of the plan to sleep at night when read.After about an hour, the cleaning was almost finished. Saiyu opened the window to see if the master had come back.Sure that the master did not come back, Qiyu took off the eye mask, heavy pupil seriously shot some, he has also seen many TV plays and movies, it is said that some secret books like to put in the interlayer, such as jiuyang Shengong is not sandwiched in the Shurangaya Sutra, Master Jueyuan was inadvertently seen.Sure enough, there was a discovery in a “cloud state annals” thick books on the feeling that some things sandwiched inside.When he left, He already had several books in his hand.Back to the purple fairy to arrange for him to the room, pick up a book opened the first page.”Cloud State Annals?Yunzhou is vast and 30,000 miles wide. It is said that tens of thousands of years ago, it was the battlefield of the war between gods and demons.Qi Yu just read a sentence, feel not taste, this what ghost, is not the secret book of cultivation?It’s about local stories.Saiba took off the blindfold again and scanned it carefully with double pupil again and again. There was something inside, but he couldn’t find it.It may be that they do not have spiritual power, can not play the skills of pupil.Anyway, let’s see what else is saying.”The Five Elements of Chaos and Fortune?Heaven and earth have spirit, if there is no road, gold said from the benefit, invincible, wood said from life, life and growth, water said from the embellish, nothing does not invade, fire said from flame, nothing does not burn, soil said from thick, nothing is difficult to break.He read the first page, and with just these few words, he felt something.Oneself is five spirit root, choose this book also see five lines two words.On the second page, Saiba’s pupils dilated.”It is often said that the wuling root is a stray root, a waste root.””However, they do not know that there are five elements in the universe, five elements in the planet, five elements in this piece of heaven and earth, and five elements in everyone.””The five elements complement each other, complementing each other and damaging each other.”