Strengthen children’s awareness of active participation

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Many children often see adults do anything, clamor to do anything.This is not only the performance of the child has a sense of participation, but also the performance of the child began to appear independent consciousness.At this time, parents should do their best to assist and give their children the opportunity to play freely.Although the child is probably not good at such things, but can do well compared with the child’s sense of participation, is insignificant.Children at the age of two or three, there is a “I come by myself” psychological requirements, but then they are often nothing good.Some parents plan simple and easy, to the child’s initiative and performance desire to take a disregard of the attitude, still like the original do everything, the result hindered the healthy development of children’s psychology.When children ask to “do it yourself”, parents should take advantage of the situation and teach them some self-serving skills.In fact, this kind of education is very simple, as long as the parents correct attitude can be.In general, start with the things around you: dressing, undressing, eating, washing your hands, putting away toys, etc.Teach such children not to rush things, but to break everything down into small steps, one or two at a time, and build up to a level of proficiency.Prepare some special tools for children, such as a watering can, a small apron, a small mop, etc.This will teach your child skills and give you a little helper.It’s good for kids to have a sense of participation.Many children, especially children, often see what adults do, clamor to do what.When a boy sees his brother or father riding a bicycle, he cries for it.Though his feet could not touch the pedals yet, he was always eager to try.Girls sometimes cried when they saw their mother doing laundry.This is not only a sign that children have a sense of participation, but also a sign that children are beginning to have a sense of independence, and they want something to do like adults.Therefore, if the child appears such a request, parents do not casually pour cold water on them, “you are a little higher than the car, want to ride the car, don’t break the car”, “people are small, want to wash clothes, don’t wash dirty clothes” such words.This is easy to hurt the child’s self-esteem, their healthy growth is very adverse.It is true that children are too young to do such or such things, but the ability to do such things pales in comparison with their sense of participation.When a child has a sense of participation and a willingness to try things on his own, parents should try their best to assist and give the child the opportunity to play freely.It is very important for the development of children.Parents should pat their children on the back if they succeed.If it is not done well, there should be no blame, and no children should be prevented from doing such things from now on, because everything has a learning and familiarity process.When children ask for something to try, even if we know it will be difficult or unsuccessful, we should give them a chance to test their abilities.Sometimes a child can think of something that his or her parents couldn’t think of.If a child is not allowed to try in advance on the grounds that he or she will fail, then the infinite possibilities latent in the child will not be exploited.This fear of failure of the psychological state, will make children dare not easily try new things, develop children remain silent, passive and passive bad habits.In fact, anyone to success usually have to go through numerous explorations and failures when anyone does one thing, there is a process of learning and practice, and usually do not do well at the beginning.It is through constant practice that one can do well by doing badly.In such a simple matter as washing clothes, one cannot wash them properly when one first does them.Because he had not washed, had no experience, and did not know how to do it properly.Cooking is the same, a lot of people cook for the first time, not less water, the rice cooked hard, is put more water, the rice cooked too dilute.This is not surprising.Therefore, if a child does something badly the first time, parents should not blame him too much, but help him learn from his experience, find out why he did it badly, and try to improve it next time, he might do it well.Failure is the mother of success.Where is success without failure?But that’s not so easy to do.Some parents see that their children are not doing a good job, so they simply come and do it for them.What they say: “IT’s much easier for me to do it myself.”This approach of overstepping the influence is extremely detrimental to the education of children.Parents should monitor as well as check their children’s choices and decisions.When necessary, help should also be given to help and inspire the child to make the right choice.This is because the child’s choice is not perfect sometimes, there may be inadequate and lack of place.As long as there are no adverse consequences, parents should try not to interrupt and let them sum up and learn from it.In this way, the child is likely to make greater progress.Child psychology experts have done a test: parents in the supermarket shopping, let children and parents to buy things, generally speaking, children will cooperate with their parents, rarely disobedient or petulant behavior.When shopping, parents can induce their child to make small choices, such as asking, “Shall we buy pears or oranges today?”And encourage your child often, such as: “Baby helped mom find cereal, good boy!”It is more effective for parents to encourage their children to participate consistently than to try to subdue them when they become disruptive.Of course, in this process, parents must be calm and clear purpose.When parents ask their children to participate, be gentle and do not use hesitation, impatience or rudeness.In a word, let the child understand what his parents want him to do.For example, when parents want to take their children out, they should not say “hurry, let’s go”.Instead, you should crouch down, look the child straight in the eye, and say kindly, “Put on your coat and hat. We’re going out.”If the child does as required, parents should seize the opportunity to praise and reinforce the child’s behavior!Gradually pay attention to the child as a child this behavior, encourage more, let the child find their own sense of achievement in their own behavior!His awareness of participation increased!Slowly develop your own independent sense of self!