They can wipe the ice faster than you can blink

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There is one sport that really counts for points: curling.Full text 1305 words, about 2 minutes to read “manic mopping” what is the use?▲ Winter Olympics “curling” analysis: “mop warrior” what is dragging?The first four seconds of skating are controlled by the thrower.The remaining 20 seconds are controlled by the athlete with the ice brush.To the outside world, however, the ice polisher looks like a manic mop.What does that do, anyway?What is the brush in the curling stone? What is the brush in the curling stone? What is the brush in the curling stone? What is the brush in the curling stone? What is the brush in the curling stone?In curling, one member of the team throws a 20 kg stone. The direction and speed of the stone are controlled by an ice polisher. The destination is the red, white and blue base camp.The team with the most curling closer to the center scored higher.Curling is divided into offensive and defensive types.Offensive curling is to score, to the center of the camp as accurately as possible;Defensive curling is to keep the other team from scoring and to put the other team out of curling.In general, aggressive curling requires accelerated ice scrubbing to intervene.What’s so hard about wiping ice?It’s really hard, actually.Since the skate time is 20 seconds after the curling is thrown, the skater is required to have 20 seconds of skidding ability as well.Excellent male ice polisher at home and abroad can raise the temperature of ice surface by 2.3°~2.4°.Therefore, in order to wipe the effect in a short time, the ice wipe member had to “manic”.According to the standard field calculation, athletes can wipe the ice length up to 30.275m, the completion time is about 10 seconds.And the faster curling moves, the faster the frequency of scraping the ice.For example, if the curling stone is moving at 2 meters per second, use a typical brush head of 20cm to wipe the ice. To change the speed of the curling stone, wipe the ice at a frequency of 10 times per second.What is this concept?With fast blinks, you can blink no more than seven times a second.Ice polishers are typically “hands faster than eyes.”After a race, the heart rate of the ice polisher is about 168, which is equivalent to the heart rate of the average person after running 2,000 meters for 10 minutes.In addition, in order to maximize the athlete’s ability, the athlete should lean forward 45 degrees, hold 2/3 of the brush in his left hand, 1/3 of the brush in his right hand, and the brush handle should be at an Angle of about 60 degrees to the ice surface.In men’s or women’s curling, we usually see two skaters, one for the master and one for the assistant, standing on either side of the ice.The curling brush of the main hand is closer to the curling stone, while the auxiliary hand is closer to the brush head of the main hand and works on the outside for auxiliary work.The main hand tends to have a low posture. The curling pole is tightly clamped between the body and the center of gravity is placed on the curling pole to enhance the effect of wiping the ice.The deputy skaters have a higher center of gravity, because they have to pay attention to the captain’s message.The captain’s message is crucial, including when to start or stop brushing, how hard and in what direction.On the field measuring 45.72 meters long and 5 meters wide, the captain only yelled to ensure the message was delivered and morale was boosted.In curling, tactics, communication and skill probability are indispensable.So you may never know who won until the last second.1, Wang Yufeng, Su He, Mu Liang, Ma Yibing, Wang Lei, Wang Fengchun.Journal of Harbin institute of physical education,2015,33(03):36-40.2, wang jinbo.Outstanding athlete curling and electrical characteristics in the process of ice research [D]. Jilin institute of sport, 2021. The DOI: 10.27760 /, dc nki. Gjlxy. 2021.000019.3, Ma Hongzhou.Biomechanical Analysis of curling [D]. Henan University,2013.4, Zhu Baofeng, Wang Lihua, Li Shuangling.Curling athletes competitive ability analysis [J]. Journal of ice and snow sports, 2018, 40 (01) : 33-37. DOI: 10.16741 / j.carol carroll nki bxyd. 2018.01.007.5, Liu Jianan.Research on Tactics Application of Chinese Women’s Curling Team in Previous Winter Olympics [D]. Capital Institute of Sport,2019.6, Liu Yue.[A] Winter Olympic College of Harbin Institute of Physical Education,2019.7, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games “Knowledge introduction of Competition Events — Curling” 8, Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee official website “Curling, fully show the charm of ice Game” duty editor Kang Xixi