Zhi River no. 3 Middle School: start a new chapter to start the journey

2022-06-03 0 By

In order to ensure the safety, stability and order of the spring semester work, and better improve the results of education and teaching, on the morning of February 14, Zhijiang No. 3 Middle School 2022 spring semester work conference and teaching quality summary and analysis meeting, carried out a thorough deployment of the semester work, so that all the staff further clarified the work objectives of the new school year.To strictly implement the county bureau of education “about after school in the county primary and secondary schools to carry out mental health PuCe” job requirements, to ensure that the psychological PuCe accurate science, familiar with the operation process of psychological PuCe room, school work conference, the school mental health ZhuanGan jia-lin li teacher gave the teachers a special training of the school computer room evaluation process,In order to improve the mental health education level of teachers, especially head teachers, better help students to grow up healthily.In learning the zhijiang dong autonomous county in 2022 the school ethics strengthen construction assessment rules for later, the school teachers more clearly aware of the importance of ethics strengthen construction and rich connotation, you have said, the future must be strictly regulate their own teaching behavior, live morally, good learning, good for teaching and moral education, make the people satisfied with “four haves” good teacher.”Our clear love, only for three!I hope every teacher can find a sense of belonging and value here, live out the sense of ritual of life, with love and wisdom to irrigate students’ souls, shape students, and achieve students.”Xia Yan, secretary of the Party general Branch and principal of Zhijiang No. 3 Middle School, started with five key words of “study”, “summary”, “problem”, “hope” and “practical work”, and deployed the objectives and requirements of teaching, management, safety and other aspects of this semester.(He Qiu-lu)