Netizens said that “Aunt Pan” is very like The Beautiful Sheep sheep, this idea, really have a little taste

2022-06-04 0 By

The Online drama the Beginning was so amazing that people called on their friends and relatives who like watching TV and don’t like watching TV to watch it.It’s like a treasure hunt, and people are watching the show like crazy.May be more than a year because of the epidemic really can rarely meet so conscience and good TV into everyone’s eyes.After watching this drama, many people are probably won over by the acting of one of the actresses in it.Of course, this play can be said that all the actors acting is online, no one dropped the chain, even if Liu Tao in the director of the role in some places by the netizens, but most of the role needs to determine, can not completely put all the responsibility on liu Tao actor.In “The Beginning”, from ordinary characters to heroes and heroines, everyone and every scene are struggling with acting skills.Especially let everyone shocked when carrying the pot on the bus “aunt pot”, that is liu Dan teacher in the play as “Tao Yinghong” the role.Liu Dan, who is silent in the first few episodes of the drama, is surprisingly explosive in the end.It shows the madness of a mother who suddenly lost her daughter from expectation to disappointment and finally to despair, which makes the audience stand on end and can not help but have a fear of this “aunt Boiler”.After watching aunt Boiler’s cracking acting, many netizens commented on the Internet that her eyes were really terrible and that she might wake up from her dreams at night.But slowly, careful netizens found a way to ease the fear, as they noticed that Aunt Pan’s facial expression and facial appearance are similar to those of The beautiful Goat from Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, and the more she looks, the more she looks.When the idea spread online, people gradually accepted the idea, and now netizens look at the photos of Aunt Boiler and Mei Yang And feel more and more like each other.That from the bottom of my heart spontaneously points of fear instantly quietly disappeared, “Aunt pot” on the lovely feeling is more and more strong.Netizens also replied online “Mei Yang Yang said that I can’t carry this pot”.It really depends on the imagination of netizens.Don’t say the netizens are more and more look like, even after reading the small series is more and more look more and more feel that “aunt Pot” is actually very cute, instantly forget “aunt pot” that resolutely pull the “homemade bomb” when the terrible look.Is really a good actress no matter what kind of role is good or bad, netizens will see her wonderful point and lovely point.Do you think Aunt Pan looks like Mei Yang Yang?Did it heal you a little bit?