Network transmission “Courier film positive”?Shanghai Postal Administration: not true

2022-06-04 0 By

On the evening of April 4, there were rumors on the Internet that “express delivery is the source of the rapid spread of the epidemic in Shanghai” and “express delivery workers have tested positive”.On April 5, thepaper news ( reporters learned from the Shanghai Postal Administration that this information is not true.According to the information released by Shanghai, no cases of infection among employees or citizens have been reported so far.According to the Shanghai Postal Administration, all postal express workers in Shanghai have undergone regular nucleic acid tests and self-antigen tests as required by the epidemic prevention and control authorities, and there have been no cases of so-called “mass positive” cases transmitted through the Internet, and no cases of infection caused by the operation of express mail.Epidemic prevention and control at present, Shanghai express mail, in accordance with the postal service express delivery industry during the operation specification recommends (seventh edition) “” Shanghai postal service express delivery epidemic prevention and control specification (enhanced)” requirements, the implementation of the whole process of xiaosha processing, to transportation vehicles, electric bicycles, LAN service tools and processing places in a timely manner clean disinfection,The mail which has not been eliminated will not be transferred, sorted and delivered.For imported express mail, the responsibility system of disinfection at the first station shall be strictly implemented, the pre-delivery period shall be set up, the operation of transfer centers and outlets shall be divided into different areas, and the management of operation personnel shall be strengthened to ensure the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures.During the new round of nucleic acid test screening in The city, express mail should be delivered in a contact free manner in accordance with the city’s prevention and control requirements. Meanwhile, couriers are required to wear personal protective equipment in a standard manner and place express mail in smart express boxes, temporary shelves and other facilities to reduce direct contact with users.Consumers are reminded once again to do a good job of personal protection when receiving mail.Gossip stops with wise men.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, thousands of delivery boys have braved the epidemic time and again to deliver daily necessities and epidemic prevention supplies to thousands of households and essential supplies for the resumption of work and production in thousands of cities and industries. They are known as the rebels in the epidemic and the ferrymen in cities.At present, the whole industry is overcoming the difficulties of the epidemic, and is actively involved in the city’s epidemic prevention and control emergency supply work, and we hope that all sectors of society can understand and support.