Taihe Street: Grid management helps the implementation of garbage classification

2022-06-04 0 By

Garbage classification into the grid, the installation of “yellow dog” intelligent garbage recycling machine, “grid + volunteer” mode propaganda no dead corner……Garbage classification work, xiong deyou tai street street party working, an integrated law enforcement squadron, sanitation company, market regulation and property companies and other units, by the garbage classification work joint coordination mechanism, establish a streets, community and sanitation company advocate garbage classification, supervisor and instructor team and other professional team, formed the street party working lead,Sanitation company, property company and community large party committee, grid party branch separately implement, the majority of party members and residents everyone involved in a good situation.At the beginning of the garbage classification work, Taihe Street actively carried out the “garbage classification into the grid” action according to the requirements of the community governance “one network connecting pipes”, integrated the garbage classification into the community fine grid governance platform, and accelerated the implementation of the garbage classification work.Taihe Subdistrict divides 8 communities into 61 four-level grids, with the grid leader serving as garbage classification instructor and propagandize, and residents serving as household garbage classification liaison, establishing a two-way contact mechanism to push garbage classification into practice.Organize the majority of party members volunteers, floor leaders and volunteers to carry out garbage classification in each grid unit, “into the community, into the campus, into public places, into the office” four publicity activities, guide residents to develop a correct garbage classification and throwing habits.Community is not only the most basic “cell” of social governance, but also the most basic unit of work in the “tough battle” of garbage classification.In the face of the dynamic change and everyone related to the garbage classification work, taihe street community grid party members take the lead to mobilize the masses, according to every 300 households to set up a centralized delivery point requirements, on the corridor, the unit before the bucket point integration, concentrated to create 407 delivery points for classification.And jingming company in the demonstration area to add small yellow dog intelligent garbage classification and recycling machine, arrange 2 garbage classification guide on duty, supervise the residents and sanitation transport personnel of the community to correctly carry out garbage classification and cleaning work.Explain to the residents the operation of the “little yellow dog” intelligent recycling machine.In combination with a week working party members into the community, thematic party day each month, into a wide variety of activities such as school hand to pull the small hand form, through the “grid + volunteers” mode, organization to carry out the volunteer service activities, the grid within the party leader, residents of party members, retired party, community work personnel all covered with embedded grids of garbage classification on the point, for the masses on garbage classification knowledge actively.Grid workers take the opportunity to visit residents to understand residents’ demand, timely propaganda of garbage classification, conflict mediation, grasp the work dynamics of garbage classification, put forward targeted countermeasures, and solve the problems in the grid.Next, Taihe Street will play a vanguard and exemplary role of party members, bring garbage classification into community governance and grid management, strengthen garbage classification publicity and reporting, and form a governance model of “everyone participates, everyone contributes, and everyone shares”.(Taihe street Party working Committee) past selection