What happens to the three main characters in Diablo I?

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In Diablo I, the three main characters end up as follows: (1) Prince Aidan is killed by a pineapple and his body is lost; (2) Monona is turned into a bloody black duck and buried in a burial place; (3) The sorcerer begins to practice dark magic due to the influence of darkness and eventually becomes corrupted.It can be said that the outcome of these three is more sad.Is the Diablo series worth watching?Diablo actually from the name you know this series of anime bloody, is no stranger to the whole series all, on the contrary also feel very good-looking, evaluation of it is not low, although every the end of a very torture people, but resist the plot particularly rich, picture and voice is especially suitable for, have seen friends will think it’s worth, the plot is not far-fetched,It’s logical.What happened to the main character in Diablo 2?It can be said that the ending of this series of leading characters is very bad, in the second part of the knight was finally killed off, those barbarians are seen as mercenaries only left a little blood, others were almost all wiped out, it can be said that the second part and the first part of the ending is similar, watching will let me hist surprised.So if you like happy endings don’t try this, if you don’t mind.