When China and the US held high-level talks again, the US made three assurances on the spot. Can China still believe them?

2022-06-04 0 By

After a long standoff between China and the United States, the Chinese foreign Minister is about to have a phone call with his American counterpart, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.Although there have been many rounds of such talks, the world is always looking forward to this one.As in the past, this dialogue was still initiated by the US side. During the phone conversation, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi repeatedly made clear demands to the US on managing differences on the Taiwan issue and the Beijing Winter Olympics.In this regard, Blinken made assurances one by one during the dialogue, and made it clear that the United States would properly handle its differences with China in a responsible manner and adhere to the “One China principle.”At the same time, Secretary blinken also wished the U.S. athletes good results during the Beijing Winter Olympics and a happy Chinese New Year.It is not hard to see from blinken’s various responses that the US attitude this time has been significantly improved compared with the past. At least in the talks with The Chinese side, the US did not mention China’s internal affairs related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and also sent best wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Chinese New Year.Even if it may not have been genuine, it was a false blessing, but it was “friendly” in a way America had never been before.In this regard, the outside world speculated that the REASON why the US lowered its posture, the probability is to seek China.Can China still trust the three assurances made by the US on the spot at the china-us high-level dialogue?The first is the issue of managing differences.As a matter of fact, the United States has never been responsible on this issue. There has been a lot of consensus between China and the United States, and it is true that there are some contradictions and differences. But the differences and differences themselves can be resolved through communication and dialogue.In contrast, China has clearly shown a more responsible attitude than the United States in this regard, and has also shown its due great power demeanor. Even though the United States has repeatedly broken its promises, China can still maintain basic communication with the United States from the overall interests of stabilizing bilateral relations.The US says it will take responsibility for managing differences, and China hopes this is no longer just a fudge.It is hard for China to trust the US at all when it comes to Taiwan-related issues.During the video meeting between the two heads of state, Biden vowed that he would firmly support the one-china principle and oppose Taiwan independence, but the us did the opposite.The US has never stopped playing the “Taiwan card” and tried to use the DPP authorities to prevent China from achieving reunification. We will never forget the US’s actions.When it comes to the Beijing Olympics, the US has sounded even more hypocritical, saying it will never send a representative while busy getting visas for its officials.So on balance, the odds of us being able to trust any of the three commitments made by the US are low, not because China is unwilling to embrace its adversaries, but because the US has repeatedly disappointed.Some references: China Youth Daily, Beijing Evening News, Chengdu Radio and Television