Your joy is happy, my New Year’s wish

2022-06-04 0 By

In the Spring Festival of 2022, the city’s major scenic spots, squares, parks, supermarkets gradually increased the flow of people and vehicles, public security, traffic pressure increased sharply, yunfu public security scientific planning, careful deployment, the implementation of fine management, to do a good job in patrol prevention and control, public security, traffic and service to the masses.The majority of police auxiliary police overcome the cold wind and rain weather, always maintain a full state of mind, stick to their posts, fulfill their duties, to ensure good order in scenic spots, public security in squares and parks, smooth and orderly road traffic, to create a safe, peaceful and comfortable holiday tourism and leisure environment.The main intersection of the city, traffic lights in front of the heavy traffic, under the command of the traffic police dredging, vehicles and pedestrians orderly passage.The auxiliary police patrol in parks and squares day and night, the police can be seen everywhere, to ensure the first time quick response, to provide help services for the masses.At the same time, the city’s public security organs to increase the relatively dense crowd of shopping malls, streets police deployment, improve the police rate and the rate of management, so that the masses at ease, rest assured.Festive laughter is the biggest affirmation of our work your joy is our New Year wish auspicious year of the Tiger