0:2 to 4:3!Chinese women’s soccer team has crushed South Korea’s Olympic dream, and this time the final continues, live on CCTV

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10 months ago, in the Tokyo Olympic Games women’s qualifying play-offs in Asia game, the Chinese women’s team against south Korean women’s football, the result is known to all, women’s girls who laughs last, every shatter South Korea Tokyo Olympic dream, let’s review that exciting moment: 1, the first round, the Chinese women’s team scored viann nickname cream with the king, at 2:1 beat the opponent to get ahead of the line.2. In the second leg, Wang shuang came back from 2-0 down to tie the score at 3-3 in the second half and then scored the winner in the 103rd minute of extra time.From 0-2 to 4-3, The Chinese women’s football team trounced the South Korean women’s football team to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, establishing the team’s dominant position over the South Korean team.Now, in the final of the Women’s Asian Cup, the two teams will meet again, At 19:00 on February 6, Beijing time, the 20th Women’s Asian Cup is about to start at the Patir Stadium, the eight-champion Chinese women’s football team against the women’s Asian Cup final new army South Korea women’s football team.After the last match, Chinese women’s football team is more confident and won the 9th Asian Women’s Cup in the history of the team. Before that, the team has reached the finals for 10 times, among which it won the championship for 8 times.However, in recent years, with the rise of Japanese and Australian women’s football teams, the glory of Chinese women’s football girls has been overshadowed. The two giants have won the last three Asian Women’s Football Cups (One for Australia and two for Japan), and The Chinese women’s football team has been in a drought of 16 years.Fortunately, in this women’s Asian Cup, the two giants were eliminated successively by us and Korea women’s football team. Australia women’s football team lost 1-0 to Korea women’s football team and fell to the quarterfinals.The Japanese women’s soccer team lost to the Chinese women’s soccer team 4-3 on penalties in the semifinal.With the collapse of the two strong rivals, The Chinese women’s football team ushered in the best chance to win the championship, the final is against the favorite South Korean women’s football team, women’s football girls are fully capable of reaching the top of Asia, the historical record is also to let coach Shui Qingxia and his disciples full of confidence.In the last 10 meetings between the two teams, the Chinese women’s soccer team has won six, drawn one and lost three (within 90 minutes). However, including extra time, the Chinese women’s soccer team has remained unbeaten in seven games against South Korea (five wins and two draws). The last time they lost to South Korea was in 2015.In short, this time, we are determined to win, due to the previous men’s football masters in the New Year’s day for the Chinese people, resulting in CCTV did not live broadcast the final, but the women’s football girls with strength to win respect, coupled with the pressure of public opinion, CCTV finally yielded, will live broadcast the peak of the match, is also a happy.Next, it’s time for us to witness the history of the women’s soccer team. The big game is coming, the victory is at hand, and we are ready to kill the dream of the Korean championship + win the cup as we wish.4 even kill!80% of the winners!The Chinese women’s football team has won seven consecutive titles in the past and secured the 9th title in team history.Wind and rain, we have been hard to follow, you have been the pride of the people, come on, women’s soccer girls!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please inform the first time, immediately delete!Want to know more exciting content, come to benben Kanqiu