Intelligent step counting ring (chicken, duck and goose) to achieve health analysis, intelligent inventory, traceability record

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Intelligent step counting ring can collect the number of steps and identify the temperature of poultry and judge the movement status and health of animals by big data analysis.At the same time, the terminal collector of the equipment is used to realize the regional induction of the intelligent step counting ring, and the number of animals in the area is counted.Main functions 1. Movement step collection The intelligent step meter ring monitors the movement steps of poultry in real time. The obtained data is recorded and analyzed by IOT platform and displayed in numbers or graphs.When the number of steps is lower than the average of all poultry animals, it indicates that the animal has abnormal phenomenon, followed by the fluctuation of the number of steps in the same period, it indicates that the current state of an animal is resting or active.2. Water analysis water analysis for water birds, intelligent step ring with temperature monitoring function, usually underwater temperature, and the external temperature difference is large, using the monitoring temperature curve fluctuation, determine whether the animal water, or calculate the number of access to the pond.3. Intelligent inventory Taking advantage of the mutual induction between the collection terminal and the intelligent step counting ring, the induction area is established in the area of raising birds, and the number of birds in the area is counted. When the birds leave the induction area, the number will be deducted intelligently to realize the intelligent inventory.4. Traceability TWO-DIMENSIONAL code smart step ring has a traceability two-dimensional code, corresponding to each livestock, as the “ID card”.The collected data, livestock data, etc., can be queried through the traceability TWO-DIMENSIONAL code.On the one hand, it is convenient for farmers to manage, and on the other hand, it improves consumers’ recognition and trust of enterprises and poultry products.Equipment composition Suitable for breeding area signal full coverage of the host: signal acquisition terminal 1;Animal wear: smart step ring main technology Smart step ring step principle: motion sensor transmission principle: Bluetooth broadcast transmission frequency: 5s-120s adjustable (default 20 seconds) Transmission distance: 160 meters in diameter under open conditions Battery model: CR2032(nominal capacity 210mAh) Duration: battery can be used for 8 months waterproof:Use: Collect motion frequency and body data and report it to the cloud, check the data access system platform Size of the machine (including the casing) : 115mm*90mm*55mm Technology: Bluetooth +GPRS+GPS Bluetooth scanning range: open conditions radius: 80m Maximum scannable bracelet number: 4000GPRS Transmission frequency:2-60 minutes (default 20 minutes) External power supply:In terms of animal health status analysis, traditional breeding relies on manual observation, with low efficiency and low accuracy. However, step-counting rings are used to monitor the number of animal steps, big data is used to analyze the health status of animals, and platform system is used to push reports to improve the management efficiency of farmers.In terms of animal count count, traditional breeding relies on manual count count, which is easy to make mistakes. However, the intelligent counting function of the intelligent step counting ring provides convenience for farm managers.From the perspective of traceability data, the unique traceability data identification code is realized and corresponding animal traceability data records are established. On the one hand, it is convenient for farmers to manage, and on the other hand, it improves consumers’ recognition and trust of enterprises and poultry products.For more information about application cases, please follow and send a private message