Is Yu chengdong confident or bluster when he sets a new goal to overtake Tesla in one year?

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Under the adverse external development environment of global core shortage and regulation change in the United States, Huawei still did not give up the development survival goal of living a better life.To achieve this goal, Huawei has opened a number of new businesses in recent years, including its automotive business, which provides technology for other new energy vehicles.Recently.Huawei has also set a new goal for its auto business, which is to overtake Tesla within a year.So, Huawei set up such a goal is self-confidence, or simple confidence of the fans?How will China’s relevant new energy vehicle enterprises surpass Tesla comprehensively in the future?Huawei auto business ushered in a new goal, a year dry over Tesla grass long spring day, blowing the dike drunk spring smoke.In such a beautiful spring, A very exciting news came from Huawei. At the beginning of the year, a video of Yu Chengdong’s speech at an internal meeting leaked out, saying that Huawei would also enter new energy vehicles and hoped to be able to beat Tesla within a year.This news will no doubt surprise a lot of people, Huawei auto business is trying to beat Tesla?Who is Tesla?As we all know, Tesla is the leading enterprise of new energy vehicles in the world at present, and Huawei wants to challenge the hegemony of new energy vehicles from the beginning.Such a target from the new bureau of Huawei said, naturally people are very incredible.So, Huawei’s words, whether it is confident or bluster.Is Huawei confident or bluffing?In fact, Huawei said this, such a target, how much a bit of a feeling of overstatement.First, in terms of new energy vehicles, BYD, NiO, Xiaopeng, and other auto companies specializing in the technical industry, ultimately failed to beat Tesla, and could not threaten tesla’s position as the world’s no. 1 new energy vehicle.So what does Huawei do?Huawei is engaged in the development of electronic products such as smart phones and operating systems and chips. There is no impressive new energy vehicle technology at all.Such Huawei, want to do so many new energy vehicle enterprises in China have not done things, possible performance?Second, Huawei’s current revenue is not what it used to be, and more than 10% of its revenue is invested in chip research and development every year.If Huawei wants to make such a big impact in the field of new energy vehicles, it is no doubt that it needs to increase the injection of “cash capacity”. Then whether Huawei can put up so much money is unknown.Of course, It is not impossible for Huawei to beat Tesla at all. Huawei has strong scientific research strength. With such strong scientific research strength, it may not be able to create brilliant achievements if it seriously develops new energy vehicle technology.In addition, Huawei has achieved the first domestic smartphone market, showing the light of domestic products.Such achievements undoubtedly enable Huawei itself to have a large number of consumer markets and still enjoy strong recognition in the consumer market.With such a large consumer market, it’s not out of the question for Huawei to take on Tesla.Of course, in terms of the actual situation, it is more likely for Huawei to talk big than to be confident. It will be difficult for Huawei to overtake Tesla in the field of new energy vehicles. However, Tesla’s strong strength will undoubtedly bring great adverse effects to China’s new energy vehicle enterprises.So, in the future, what should China’s relevant new energy vehicle enterprises do to surpass Tesla?How to surpass Tesla in the future?It is not impossible for Chinese companies to surpass Tesla.First of all, we need to know that new energy vehicles belong to high-end technology, which requires a lot of capital, talent and science and technology investment. China’s relevant enterprises will focus on investing in these three aspects in the future.If not overtake tesla, then at least close the gap.In addition, tesla’s new energy automobile sales so good-looking, certain itself is worthy to be sure and draw lessons from the advanced experience and advanced technology, therefore, our country related companies may wish to communicate with tesla, analysis of the advantages of tesla motors, a lot in communication and analysis, tesla’s good side in their place.Strengthen its own strength, and lay a solid technical foundation for surpassing Tesla in the future.In addition, China should also give strong policy welfare support to relevant domestic enterprises from the national level, reduce the difficulties and obstacles of relevant enterprises in the development of new energy vehicles, accelerate the pace of development of relevant enterprises in China, and achieve great strides in the field of new energy vehicles as far as possible.In this way, Chinese enterprises may not be able to surpass Tesla in the future.To sum up, Yu chengdong has set an ambitious new goal for Huawei’s auto business to overtake Tesla in one year. In fact, at present, such a new goal may not be so easy to achieve.Of course, it is good for Huawei to have such determination and goal. After all, tesla cannot always be the dominant company in China’s new energy vehicle market.In the future, hope huawei will continue to unswervingly adhere to the development of intelligent car business, continue to adhere to tap into the new energy cars don’t waver, want the future to huawei in the field of new energy vehicles will be able to put in more effort, looking forward to, huawei’s new energy automotive business can brilliant achievements, at the same time, we also hope that our country can have more and more also join to transcend the tesla,I hope that China’s new energy vehicle enterprises can also achieve a lively scene of a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending.