Lazy version of carrot omelette, easy to make, nutritious and delicious

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Ingredients.Three eggs.One carrot or two thirds.Starch one tablespoon.Proper amount of chicken essence.A moderate amount of salt.Pepper to taste.A moderate amount of sugar.1. Peel the radish, shred the shallots, cut the shallots and beat the eggs into pieces. 2. Stir in the shredded radish, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar.Salt without much) 4 to soften if not tender with crisp can add a little water to boil to avoid burning 5 fry the egg liquid seasoning mix together ready then add about 20 cc (starch mouth-watering salt pepper into the mix together into the egg liquid scattered) 6 stir Fried shredded Chinese good taste sweet is not raw flavor this time and if the egg down the speculation is carrot directlyEggs, but with a little processing?Change my carrot paving sprinkle with scallions 7 fire small fire will avoid eggs cooked too hard egg mixture to some carrots on average have egg on their bad (not thick or roll) 8 egg next to skin see cooked begin volume 9 will be a good egg roll to roll up among mobile add egg mixture to repeat action will run out egg liquid, egg not three five can also,It doesn’t matter if you have a little more, it will be more complete.) 10 rolls, add oil. 11 Fry until you press, and the egg skin is crisp and yellow.