Warcraft TBC: Pay to switch or are slowly killing the game, blizzard should also wake up!

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Hello, everyone. I’m going to say this carefully. Welcome to today’s program.The content of this issue is mainly to talk with you about the world of Warcraft TBC nostalgia service paid transfer service, I will use a real case to carry on more in-depth explanation, let’s start directly.Some time ago, AFK came back to TBC for a while and found his guild empty and his server ghost.He couldn’t believe his eyes at first, because when TBC opened, it was so popular that within a few months, the guild was forced to move to another server.Since the player’s size is on the Kirtonos server, there seems to be only one way out for him: buy the official premium transfer service and go to the original guild, otherwise staying is like playing a console game that he doesn’t want.However, when the service was completed, the boy could not contain his anger any more. He greeted Blizzard with a common curse in Europe and The United States without hesitation. Then he stated his core views:Blizzard is really hopeless, so many servers, refused to optimize area, not only copy the difficulty is not reasonable, but side encourage whereas community (studios) aggressively destroy the game environment, let want good fun down the heart unhappy players seeking, the paid character transfer service is the rain participation of mad, who did this?On the surface, paying for a transfer will make players feel more convenient, but in the long run, it will only make people more impatient, players can easily spend money to run away for their own selfish ends, and the game will be ruined sooner or later.At that time, he recorded a video of his experience and ridicule and uploaded it to a mainstream foreign video website. Soon, the majority of Warcraft players gave praise and support, and a video of a few minutes was played more than 500,000 times.In fact, he uploaded the material when he was a white number on the site, i.e., 0 fans.Although this kind of playback data is a result of traffic support from new accounts and algorithm recommendations, it also shows that many people are interested in the topic to some extent.I think TBC’s recent free transfer benefits have something to do with this video, otherwise blizzard’s insatiable nature would be hard to understand.On the other hand, blizzard seems to be doing this in order to maintain the necessary buzz and popularity of TBC nostalgia on EU and US servers and to give players a chance to play in team replicas, and this guy’s work may just have accelerated this move.By the way, many users expressed their anger after watching the video, mainly because the player entered the game during prime time, but when he opened the guild list, only 2 members of the 329-member guild were still online, and most of the characters who did not quit were minor players.Water friends of meaning is: server all ghost into this appearance, blizzard incredibly still not targeted ground to close area?If you want to make more money, the mall can put up some horses and so on. Why must you pay for this eager way to circle the money?In addition, according to the account owner, his guild was about 700 people at the beginning, and there were still over 500 active players at his AFK, but now there are probably more than half of the large AFK, and the rest go to new servers.Although very sad, but in order to be able to continue to play, he can only according to the clues provided by the guild to find a large army.On October 9, 2021, the DKP website of Lotus, a guild named Lotus, posted an announcement on the guild’s bulletin board, to the effect of “The guild has transferred to the Faerlina server. Thank you for your understanding.”There are a lot of attention here not show one by one, but it can be seen that the guild management is also very helpless, because he did not turn away, fewer and fewer people will only after all T5 copy at that time, especially the snake temple all-pass difficult, someone to purge all chose the paid character transfer service guild is hard to keep them, then as time goes on, staged a vicious cycle.Personally, I think the difficulties mentioned above also exist in China server, and not a few.Thanks to blizzard’s decision to ease the difficulty of T5 replicas, who knows how many guilds would have been forced to switch, redevelop or leave the game altogether.Blizzard can make a lot of money, so why hang on a tree?Selling a mount (as long as it’s not a ghost tiger) won’t cause too much resistance from players, forcing them to switch to a server for profit is like killing the goose that lays the golden egg!When a large number of old players despair, ask it really earned?Isn’t it nice to sell this kind of mount?Do not know how to treat this service?What do you prefer as a way to improve the player experience rather than co-zones?Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.