Women who love to “dress up” and “don’t dress up” will know by color and hairstyle: there is too much difference

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Since childhood elders teach us, girls must not love to dress up.But in real life, you’ll find that women who dress up are more likely to enjoy life.Dressing up to become more beautiful and confident is a way to improve yourself. Step into reality, you will find that it is easy to tell the difference between a girl who likes to dress up and a girl who does not dress up. There is a big difference between a girl who dresses up and a girl who does not dress up.Want to know how to efficiently dress up yourself, want to see how good you look after seriously dressed sisters, come to see this period for you to make a tailored beauty plan!<A & gt;The difference between dressing up and not dressing up even if the United States has become a fairy, also can’t “rely on the United States murder.”Liu Yifei’s beauty and fairy spirit were completely submerged in a sports suit at will, and the beauty became a light directly after the fairy dress was changed again!Rao is “fairy sister” want to be more beautiful also need to dress up, let alone our ordinary girls?Don’t want to miss some beautiful sisters because of unkempt, messy appearance, to act quickly.2 & gt;Two key points of dressing up and not dressing up: color and hair & GT;>It is said that it depends on taste and aesthetics, only on the color matching of a person’s clothes.Put it into practice and you’ll find it makes perfect sense.The clean, natural brown on the left has texture, and affordable clothing can also be worn with a high quality feel.And once the color confusion or old-fashioned, no matter how expensive clothing will become tacky.As for the influence of hairstyle on personal image temperament, there is no need to say more.The saying that a change of hairstyle equals a change of personality has never been unfounded.Take Tang Yan as an example. Tang’s feminine features and facial contours are not suitable for the masculine short hair on the right.Left this kind of romantic small curl, deserve to go up the bang that decorates hairline just is tang Yan goddess “this life hairstyle”!>>Conclusion The combination of colors that make people look comfortable and beautiful can change your temperament and make you shine beautifully from the inside out.A suitable hairstyle that does not show age can make you a fashionista in any clothes you wear and leave a unique beauty label.<Three & gt;The Average Person’s Guide to Beauty: Change yourself from two key points.>General color matching skills do not need much theoretical foundation, just according to the above 12 color diagram and the corresponding color matching rules for combination.According to the 12-hue ring diagram, the colors spaced 30-90 degrees apart on the diagram belong to the adjacent colors, and the colors belonging to the same column belong to the same color system.When two colors are 90 degrees apart, they are 120 degrees complementary, and when they are 120 degrees to 180 degrees apart, they are contrasting.Both of these color schemes have a certain visual impact and are more suitable for small areas.(02) Universal color combination for beginners, the overall collocation of the most prominent color control within three, combined with the following fixed color rules, immediately can become a master of color oh ~ if it is monochrome collocation, is to use the same color or adjacent color ideas, but must have the depth of color or clothing width contrast.For two colors, the range is even wider: use the 1+1 color scheme like the two above.Can be combined with the color ring before the collocation of ideas, but also with color colorless, pure color collocation.If all three colors appear, the golden color rule is recommended :65%+25%+15%.You can also match two basic colors with a color, and two adjacent colors with a colorless idea yo ~(03) color match actual combat exercise *01.Personality jumping color matching usually gives a person lively and bold, personality avant-garde feeling of color matching will use the contrast color matching method, and in the choice of color, will choose very eye-catching high saturation or high brightness color.Believe it or not, the above set of matching on the upper body uses a very eye-catching fluorescent green, but the main body of the clothing is the basic black and white checkered, the combination of basic color and fluorescent color gives this set of matching unruly soul.*02. Elegant and composed color matching if you want to make the overall temperament to elegant and composed, there are mainly two collocation direction: like gentle and feminine, choose more beige or light color system, recommend the same color system collocation.Like more callous, can choose black and white grey brown these neuter color or cool color, dress chooses crisp and the sheet that has linear feeling is tasted, can have callous composed temperament easily!When it comes to atmosphere, it’s all about color and accessories.Whether it is an artistic or retro atmosphere, the atmosphere is often dressed in rich colors.Such as pure brown like coffee, red like rose, sapphire like sea blue and so on.These high saturation color collocation must be combined with black, white and brown these basic colors.>>Hair Style (01) Hair style selection basis *01.After looking at the matching colors of clothing, let’s take a look at the hairstyle that has the biggest impact on the appearance level.Hairstyle should choose according to face type, learn to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.For instance lozenge face and square face do not suit black long straight, want to choose the hairstyle that a few have curvy feeling however.Round and melon face styles should not be too close to the scalp, airy, and not heavy.If your face is longer, opt for bangs to shorten your forehead and focus on the center of your features.* 02 in height & amp;Hair length in addition to face shape can affect the choice of hair style, height can also have an impact on hair length.Small person wants to pursue lightsome agile, that nature suits nasty-looking short hair or clavicle more, not be bloated reach waist long hair.Tall should notice temperament, appropriate chooses long hair and long hair.* 03. Skin & amp;Hair color The choice of hair color has certain concern with oneself color of skin.The cool or warm tone of hair color should go according to the cool or warm tone of the skin.The depth of hair color and skin color to form a certain contrast.For example, most girls are distressed yellow skin is not suitable for skin color too close to the light yellow, more suitable for dark or platinum hair color.After deciding on a hairstyle, delicate piggy girls often add more details to it.Sisters with low craniodomes can raise the craniodomes with wig pads or loose hair.Hairline tall sister still can use bangs to modify face model.Proper braiding and matching hair accessories can also add refinement.<The end & gt;Being beautiful is not a sin. Wanting to be beautiful without doing anything about it is the real sin.Girls should know how to dress up themselves, in order to see more beautiful and excellent themselves.There are only two key points in the beauty guide to transform ordinary people from ordinary people into beautiful women overnight: color and hair. If you grasp these two keys, you have the fashion code