Inter milan VS Liverpool in the Uefa Champions League

2022-06-06 0 By

Inter milan host Liverpool in the Champions League quarter-final.From the current situation of the two teams in their respective league, Inter milan is now surpassed by AC Milan, now ranked second in Serie A, and Serie A league for Inter is also more important, so Inter milan in Serie A is still involved in a lot of energy.Liverpool have no chance of winning the Premier League and the top four are secure, so the reds have only a chance to play in the Champions League, where Liverpool have a better chance.Secondly in the Knockout stage of the Champions League hard power is still crucial, from the strength of the two teams, or Liverpool is stronger.Inter’s pace in Serie A is obviously not as fast as that of the English Premier League, while Liverpool’s way of playing and pace in the English premier League can be said to be relatively fast, so many teams are not used to playing against Liverpool.Inter milan from two teams of researchers configuration can call not many world class players, said although the frontcourt, tarot and edin dzeko good performance is good also, but with Liverpool’s defensive inter or there is no problem, this, in turn, said inter’s defence against Liverpool, including goalkeeper hangda Norwich front several people including salah, manet is exhausting.In addition to the home advantage of inter milan, other aspects are not superior, then this game is still favored Liverpool win.This game recommendation: negative score recommendation: 1:2, 0:2