Late news: January auto production and sales decreased month-on-month Tencent market value over Meta

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On February 18, Golden Seed Wine received a regulatory work letter from The Shanghai Stock Exchange, dealing with the matter as “clarifying the regulatory requirements on information disclosure.On February 16, the company announced that the controlling shareholder intends to introduce strategic shareholder China Resources war investment.On February 18, Zhenjiang Announced that the shareholder Jiahong Star plans to reduce its holding of the company’s shares by a centralized bidding transaction of no more than 1,256,300 shares, that is, no more than 1% of the company’s total share capital.(Financial Union) Donglai Technology performance express: 2021 net profit increased 21.3% on February 18, Donglai Technology (688129.SH) on February 18 evening released results express, 2021 operating revenue of 493 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.77%;Net profit RMB 95.042,700, an increase of 21.3%;Basic earnings per share 0.79 yuan.In 2021, the automotive aftermarket repair coating and new car interior and exterior decoration coating industry picked up, and the company’s operating revenue achieved rapid growth;Gross margin declined year over year as upstream raw material market prices continued to rise.Yunda Shares:Scale of company capital spending in 2022 is expected to have narrowed on February 18, YunDa stake in research institutions, in recent years, the company based on capacity matching, capacity and stable and long-term business cost optimization of strategic considerations, in the center of the distribution, automation equipment, such as high capacity capacity core assets, increasing investment in core resources, strengthen the core competitive advantage,The scale of capital expenditure has increased.According to the existing core asset scale, allocation site ownership ratio, and transportation capacity ownership ratio, it is expected that the company’s capital expenditure scale will be narrowed in 2022.(Securities Times) God-given materials:Raw material price fluctuations impact on firm performance is expected to lower February 18, blessed materials in research institutions, at present, the company more than 50% of the electrolyte product for sale in the form of long-term orders, the different customer long-term supply agreement terms and conditions are different, but there will be in raw material prices vary widely, the corresponding adjustment mechanism,Although the transmission time will have a certain lag, but in general, the volatility of raw material prices is expected to have a low impact on the company’s performance.(Securities Times) *ST Kangmei:Continue to be implemented superposition delisting risk warning * ST sig late February 18 announcement, the company is still trigger “delisting risk warning” and “other risk warning” other applicable situation, the company stock will continue to be implemented superposition “delisting risk warning” and “other risk warning”, the company shares referred to as “is still the” * ST sig “,Stock prices are limited to 5 percent daily gains and losses.On February 18, sources from wechat said that wechat business groups are piloting a “1065” working day system, which will allow them to work at 10 am and leave at 6 PM, five days a week, starting from the New Year.The person also revealed that his department is actually the same before, does not require mandatory overtime, “this time is mandatory to go off work, so it is more relaxed than before”.On Thursday, Local time, Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, fell 4%, leaving the world’s top 10 with a market cap of $565 billion, overtaken by Tencent Holdings.It is now number 11.Previously, Tesla had replaced Meta as the sixth largest company with a market cap of $906 billion, following Amazon.(Sina Finance) buy Huawei’s autonomous driving unit?Volkswagen China: No comment On February 18, in response to market rumors that “Volkswagen is negotiating with Huawei to acquire huawei’s autonomous driving department for billions of euros”, Volkswagen China officially said “no comment”.(Financial Union) Chongqing, Ganzhou part of the bank will first set of mortgage down payment proportion to 20% February 18, in addition to Heze, the country has a number of cities quietly reduced the first set of mortgage interest rates and down payment proportion.According to real estate agents such as Lianjia in Chongqing and Ganzhou in Jiangxi province, many banks in chongqing and Ganzhou in Jiangxi province have reduced the down payment ratio of the first home mortgage to 20% before and after the Spring Festival.According to the industry, this round of adjustment of the cities are not “purchase restriction” cities, is by the local housing, financial departments according to the principle of the city jointly decided to adjust.On February 18, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and other departments issued a notice on policies for Promoting the Recovery of Distressed Industries in the service sector.Among them, the civil aviation industry bailout support measures point out: suspend the advance payment of value-added tax by air transport enterprises for one year in 2022.On February 18, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the economic performance of the automobile industry in January 2022.In January, the overall situation of automobile production and sales was stable, with a decrease from the previous month and a slight increase year-on-year.In terms of segmented models, supported by the continuous slight improvement in chip supply and driven by some local policies to encourage automobile consumption, passenger cars performed better than the overall level, and the production and sales continued to grow steadily year-on-year.Commercial vehicle production and sales sequential and year-on-year still continued the downward trend, and the year-on-year decline is more significant.The export performance of new energy and automobile is still outstanding, maintaining rapid growth year on year.(China Automobile Association)