Lijiang Da Chang Hang Toyota Vios in hot sale

2022-06-06 0 By

The appearance design of the new generation viech is obviously younger than the old model, and the whole looks a bit like a small Asian dragon.Both cars look stylish on the rear, but there are some similarities in the taillight treatment. Vios has a hidden exhaust design, but a large plastic panel underneath.The bottom of the front face of the new car adopts the trapezoidal shunter design, which has two very exaggerated air diversion channels, and the design of the air inlet on both sides is also very personalized.On the side and rear, the new car is not much different from the cash Vios.The duckling tail on the trunk lid, the black painted taillight and the bilateral exhaust on the bottom make the whole car look more dynamic.New ViVIENia vivienia uses KeenLook sharp design, the appearance of a more young sport.A large number of fashionable spoilers are added at the bottom of the front of the car. The upward-looking shape is sporty. With the black cover on the top and bottom and the silver guard plate, the fashionable and cool features are displayed incisively and vividly.On both sides of the front, there are sharp headlights to match, which have good recognition after being lit.It’s also good in the tail, which looks layered.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)