Longitude or latitude first

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1. The general convention is to write latitude first, then longitude;But what to write first actually does not have what difference, everything is according to the content of the book, the book is to write latitude first.2. There is no fixed writing order for latitude and longitude.Longitude and latitude is the sum of longitude and latitude, which constitute a coordinate system, called geographic coordinate system.It can be distinguished by numerical value, north and south latitude, and east and west longitude, so there is no strict order when writing geographical coordinates.Longitude and latitude are a kind of Angle.Longitude is a two-sided Angle, the Angle between two planes of longitude.Because all longitude lines are the same length, in order to measure longitude to select a starting point, after the international conference in 1884 negotiations, decided to pass the British suburbs of London, the South bank of the Thames Greenwich Royal Observatory (old site) of a main meridian cross wire longitude as the starting line, known as the prime meridian.The prime meridian plane is the starting plane and the end plane is the local meridian plane.The longitude of a point is the Angle between the plane of the meridian and the plane of the prime meridian.