Ma Fangzheng: A 24-hour “full-time nanny” for her octogenarian father

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“Dad, open your mouth and LET me suck the phlegm out for you.”At Mabangjin’s home in Yangtou village, Xinwo street, his son Ma Fang is sucking sputum and turning over his father, his voice gentle, his movements gentle.Looking at the father without a little self-care ability, Ma Fang zheng can not help but secretly turned around, wiped a tear.In February 2020, my father fell into a vegetative state in a sudden accident.The huge medical expenses of more than 800,000 yuan are the difficulties that this ordinary family must face.In order to treat his father, Ma Fangzheng not only took out all his savings, but also borrowed money from all his relatives in the family.Mother car aizhu every day to tears, Ma Fang zheng always advised her: “Mom, don’t worry, I have at home.”Ma Fang needs to face the father’s care problem.It is not easy to take care of patients, let alone vegetative people.Mabonkin was completely incapacitated and needed his care 24 hours a day.”Dad can sleep a little during the day, but he doesn’t sleep at night. If he doesn’t sleep, he coughs more severely. Every few minutes, he has to suck sputum and turn over.”Speaking of these, Ma Fang is very calm, these are his countless sleepless nights out of the experience.Mother has just had an operation and is in poor health.In order to reduce the burden of his mother, ma Fangzheng, who has welding skills, closed the welding shop on which he made a living and took care of his father full-time.He turned over every two hours, fed food and medicine six times a day, washed clothes, changed urine pads, and made liquid food. After a long period of repeated operation, He became very skilled.”I dare not turn off the lights at night. I keep the air conditioning on for 24 hours in cold weather. No matter how expensive the electricity bill is, I cannot let my father catch a cold.”Ma Fangzheng said.Not only ignore their own family, he and his mother’s meals have to be done by his wife in the spare time, he is very guilty.But for now, his father’s life was nothing.”No matter how difficult it is, the most important thing is to take care of my father,” he said. “The money can be earned later.”Ma Fangzheng sleeps on the sofa with his father and mother every day so that he can always take care of his father.Talking about his father, Ma Fang opened his mouth.My father was introverted and quiet, but warm-hearted.From a young age, he built ancient roads for the village and nearby places for free for many years.Sometimes the material is not enough, he will buy sand, cement and so on at his own expense to repair the road for everyone.In addition, as long as others are in trouble, he will go to help, for example, he sees branches on the road, he will go to clean up.Car love bead always too much trouble, the old man said: “do not clean up the road people to fall, this is within our power.”Ma Fang zheng saw his father’s kindness and kept it in mind.Now, Ma Fang is putting everything down to take care of his father, never give up.He explained this deep and selfless love with actions, he said: “family members in a day, a day to protect.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: