She is known as “the most beautiful Hong Kong sister”, once let the big man willingly when licking dogs, now into a rich and powerful wife

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In the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kong produced many superstars.And some of the biggest stars that have been popular since then;Like Joey Wong, Carina Lau, Maggie Cheung, these actresses are the memory of an era;The character we are going to introduce today is “Hong Kong sister of Hong Kong sisters”;In those days, the wives of the rich in Hong Kong were a thorn in the side, and many rich men fell at her feet.Although very good-looking, but Michelle Reis’s wind review is not good;In the year of the incident and small three scold the original match of the event is people with relish;Now Michelle Reis has also been over 50 years old, married into the rich family she quit the entertainment industry;To settle down as her rich wife.From the recent exposure of recent photos, Michelle Reis is worthy of being the first beauty in Hong Kong;Her skin is so well maintained that she can still see her beauty.Although after marrying into a wealthy family, Michelle Reis put on a lot of weight;However, after she put on weight, she looked closely and had some other charm.As the former queen of gossip, married into the rich, Michelle Reis quiet a lot;So there is less and less information in recent years;When she was young, in addition to being talked about the level of appearance;Michelle Reis’s love history is also very rich;She’s been involved with a lot of rich people.No wonder it was called the nightmare of Hong Kong’s rich wives;Indeed, just look at The level of Michelle Reis appearance than many actresses are beautiful;At first glance, the first impression many netizens have is that a woman can be so beautiful.I understand the beauty of ancient times.Now Reis life although very comfortable;But she had a very unhappy childhood;Michelle Reis grew up in a single-parent home where her father abandoned her and her mother at an early age;So, in her heart from an early age set the goal of standing out.Michelle’s father was Portuguese, so she was of mixed blood;At the beginning, parents’ love was not regarded as promising, and was unanimously opposed by the outside world;But women are blind as long as they fall in love.In the end, as everyone expected, his father abandoned them.Michelle Reis was born in 1970 in Hong Kong;Before she was born, her parents had already given birth to a sister;After a few years of daily necessities life of parents have no sweet;Two people because of the pressure of life gradually go gradually far;After The birth of Michelle Reis, the pressure of her parents is also growing.Below difficult condition, the contradiction of two people is more and more;Finally, their father chose to abandon them.After their father abandoned them, their mother took her and her sister to live together.Without them to rely on life becomes more difficult;Is therefore Reis heart as a child for his father had a deep resentment;This also had a great influence on his later feelings.Because he was abandoned by his father as a child;So under the influence of the mother’s strong character, Michelle Reis is very sensible from an early age;She is an independent girl.Grew up lovely and beautiful Reis;Discovered by a talent scout at the age of three;Asked her to be in a baby product commercial;It was also an opportunity for Michelle Reis and his mother to see a future in the entertainment industry.After growing up, Michelle Reis became more and more beautiful;Under the influence of her mother, Michelle Reis is very good results;In the lure of money mother did not have too much infatuation for these things;Insist that Michelle reis learn more.So in the mother’s strict discipline since childhood;Michelle Reis has always been among the best;It can be said that Michelle Reis is the kind of other people’s children;She is beautiful and she studies well.At that time, Michelle Reis entered the best middle school in Hong Kong;At school, she is a goddess in the eyes of many people.Is also outstanding students and beauty, such an identity let Michelle Reis by the pursuit of a lot of boys.Because it is the best middle school in Hong Kong, so the tuition is very expensive;Under increasing pressure, At the age of 14, Michelle Reis began working part-time as an advertising model;It can be said that This time Michelle Reis has half a foot into the entertainment industry.Honed in such a life, Michelle Reis more and more efforts;She knew what she wanted, so she did not indulge in young love;But choose very sober to do well in their own study to help their mother to subsidize the family.As a child in a poor neighborhood, Michelle Reis watched planes fly overhead;At that time, she wanted to become a stewardess, determined to become a promising person;So in order to achieve their own goals, it can be said that Michelle Reis also a little unscrupulous;This character became more obvious after she entered the entertainment industry.After Reis adult beauty advantage began to become more and more obvious;At her friend’s suggestion, she entered the Miss Hong Kong competition that year.That year Michelle Reis won the Champion of Miss Hong Kong without any suspense;After that, she won the first prize in miss Chinese International competition again.So Hong Kong elder sister in Hong Kong elder sister is this time became the title of Michelle Reis.With such a reputation after entering the entertainment industry, Michelle Reis’s resources are excellent;At that time, she was very popular with her beauty. At that time, she amazed the whole Hong Kong.The first film she starred in attracted the attention of many netizens.Later, he worked with actors like Joey Wong and Leslie Cheung in A Chinese Ghost 2.By this stage, Michelle Reis had reached her peak;After the resource is more and more outstanding, the cooperation is the popular superstar.But since then there has been less and less discussion of Michelle Reis’s work;Because her relationship became the focus of media and online attention;Because the love history is very rich, in Hong Kong at that time also caused no small sensation;She wasn’t focused on her career, she was focused on her relationship.At that time he and actress sniper Joseph Lau’s story has been talked about;But Ni Zhen, son of Hong Kong wit Ni Kuang, noticed her long before she became famous;In order to pursue Reis is to write hundreds of love letters, finally hold beauty;However, after Reis is red, look down on Ni Zhen.Met Joseph Lau when she abandoned Ni Zhen, began to meet their new life;Mr Lau has hung out with many Hong Kong actresses;Michelle Reis was a lack of father love;Therefore met Joseph Lau immediately after the mature temperament to attract.Joseph Lau to Michelle Reis is really very hard, not only in material to meet her;More in the emotional become Michelle Reis “lick the dog”;There was a story about climbing more than 20 stairs to buy dumplings for Michelle Reis;But Joseph Lau had a wife;He also did not think of divorce to marry Michelle Reis.Therefore, after many years of dispute, the two finally broke up;The dissolute Joseph Lau immediately found another actress;Michelle Reis is disheartened, after also found a lot of boyfriend;Until met another rich Xu Jinheng, under the pursuit of Xu Jinheng;Michelle Reis and he together, at ease to do a rich rich wife.As the son of Hong Kong’s tycoons Xu Chin Heng and Michelle Reis two wedding, then also a sensation;Since then Michelle Reis quit the entertainment industry, peace of mind to do rich rich wife;She was rarely seen again;After so many years of struggle, Michelle Reis finally achieved her childhood dream;Now she doesn’t have to sit in a poor neighborhood and watch planes fly overhead.At the end of Michelle Reis so many years have no classic works to stay, is also a pity;In the emotional too confused indeed let Michelle Reis’s wind evaluation is not very good;At that time was also known as the “small three professional”, intervened in the marriage of many tycoons;She finally got what she wanted and married into the big money.Code word is not easy, I hope to give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.