The person arrives old age bedridden in bed, the life cannot provide for oneself how to do?That’s what any wise old man would do

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The best elixir of life is to exhaust yourself completely before filling the gully.Old people should make use of their strength and not bow to boredom and illness.– Bernard Shaw What frightens us most in our old ageIt is nothing more than the following three points: first, sick in bed, lost the ability to walk freely;Two, children are not filial piety, unwilling to take care of themselves;No money.Each of us, no matter how old we are, as long as we can move freely, life will not fall into despair.When we lose the ability to walk, life becomes difficult even for the young, let alone the elderly.So, the person to old age bedridden in bed, the life cannot take care of oneself how to do?That’s what any wise old man would do.Uncle Wu: I am sixty-eight years old and widowed.My wife died of cancer twenty years ago. I was forty-eight years old, not too old.Therefore, there are a lot of troublemaker advised me to find a wife for myself, they said my life still has a long way to go, every day alone through the long night, is really a very sad thing.Find a wife to live together, life will be exciting.Although I often feel lonely since my wife died, I dare not look for her for the sake of my only son.I will save money for my son to buy a house, and I will be a father to him. Once I find a second wife, she will control me and won’t let me spend money on my son.I worked day and night to provide a better life for my son and for myself.Since my wife left, I did not have too many fetters, so I threw off my arms to fight the cause, after years of hard work, I finally earned the first bucket of gold.When my son got married, I bought a wedding house for him with all the money and arranged the wedding for him with a flourish.Now that my son’s affairs were settled, I began to plan for my own old age.I know that happiness in my old age depends on my own reason. Although my son is very kind to me, he struggles in the society and has great pressure. I can’t transfer the pressure of my retirement to my son.So, in order to give their retirement savings, I am still not idle after retirement, I rely on their own good skills, opened a store to earn money.I save all the money I earn, and I spend every penny wisely in daily life.By the time I was 67, I had saved $600,000, plus my monthly pension of $7,000, and it was no problem for me to retire comfortably.I had planned to quit my job when I was seventy years old and enjoy my life at home. However, an unexpected accident completely ruined my good plan.I was in the store talking to a customer when I suddenly felt dizzy and fell to the ground.I was taken to hospital by the client, and the doctor told me that I was lucky to be rescued in time, otherwise I would have died.Although MY life was saved, I became a paralyzed old man in bed due to the sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage.During my stay in hospital, my son asked me to take a long vacation to take care of me, but I firmly refused.I paid a nurse 240 dollars a day.It wasn’t cheap, but I knew that hiring a caregiver to take care of myself was far more cost-effective than letting my son take care of me, and that it was the best option for me right now.If I ask my son to take a long vacation to take care of me, it will definitely affect his work and hinder his career development.My son takes care of me day and night in the hospital, which will also affect the harmony of his family and the relationship between his son and his wife.In my opinion, people in their old age should not trouble their children as long as they can solve problems with money.Don’t we strive to earn money in our prime so that we can have a dignified old age that will not cause trouble to our children?After I left the hospital, I declined my son’s request to take me home to take care of me. Instead, I hired a live-in nanny for myself and lived a comfortable life.Uncle Liu, who lives next door to me, is very hard. He is an old man who is haggling over every penny. Although he has more money than I do, he doesn’t give his children any money.Uncle Liu lived a leisurely life before his wife died.His wife took good care of him. Every day, she would cook a big table of dishes for uncle Liu and let him enjoy the pleasure of food.Uncle Liu often invites me to drink at his house. He says it’s not much fun to drink alone.Each time I would gladly go and drink with him with two bottles of good wine.Uncle Liu doesn’t have many hobbies in his life. Besides drinking, his hobby is saving money.He once told me that his money would never be spent on his children, except to ensure that he and his wife were well fed.He thinks he brought up his children, he has done his duty as a father, he will never spoil them, let them do “gnawing old” children.Uncle Liu has a son and a daughter. Both of his children are living on the ropes.Uncle Liu’s son is an ordinary worker, low salary, heavy family burden, great economic pressure.Uncle Liu’s daughter is in poor health. She has never been to work since she got married, and her daughter lives a hard life relying on her son-in-law, who has a low income.Even so, Uncle Liu still tightly hold the money in his hands, not willing to give a penny to his children, the relationship between Uncle Liu and his children, it can be said that a gentleman’s friendship is as weak as water.It is said that misfortunes never come singly. Not long after uncle Liu’s wife died of illness, he was idle at home, so he brought a ladder to clean the dust from the roof. As a result, he fell off the ladder and suffered a total body fracture.Liu has been paralyzed in bed ever since, losing the ability to move.Even so, he refused to pay for a nanny and forcefully assigned his children to take turns taking care of him.Uncle Liu’s two children were unable to take care of him.His son is just an ordinary worker, he has to work every day to earn money, if he does not work, there is no income, the life of the family will be in trouble.Liu’s daughter is a housewife who relies on her son-in-law to support her and has no voice in the family.Even if she wanted to take care of Uncle Liu, her son-in-law would never agree.The relationship between the son-in-law and Uncle Liu has not been harmonious. He thinks Uncle Liu is too selfish and does not love the hardship of his children.Under such circumstances, it was impossible for Uncle Liu’s children to take care of him themselves.His children suggested that Liu hire a nanny to take care of him or go to a nursing home.Uncle Liu scolded his children for letting them hire a nanny or go to a nursing home.He called his children a white Wolf and brought them up by himself, but when he grew old, he could not be taken care of by his children.Uncle Liu, though paralyzed in bed, still had a loud voice.His loud oaths set the neighbors talking.The children were scared away by uncle Liu’s imposing manner, a person lying at home uncle Liu really did not move, had to call me, let me help him introduce a live-in nanny.Aunt Chen, my nanny, heard that Uncle Liu wanted to hire a live-in nanny, so she introduced me to her countrywoman aunt Sun.Aunt Sun had recently left her employer’s house and was looking for a new one. If Aunt Sun could work as a nanny in Uncle Liu’s house, they would have each other to look after.I thought this was a good idea, so I introduced Aunt Sun to Uncle Liu.Now Uncle Liu in aunt Sun’s careful care, life is finally back to normal.Uncle Liu was carefully taken care of by the nanny and did not make frequent phone calls to harass his children.Since Uncle Liu’s peace of mind, the children often take time to go home to visit Uncle Liu, the family relationship has been eased.I think: as parents, we can not put the pressure of pension, hard pressure on the children.Capable filial children, they will automatically and consciously filial parents, sincerely to their parents for the elderly.Children without ability, even if they have the heart of filial piety, there is also the heart willing but weak problem.If parents do not consider their children’s difficulties, blindly stand in their own position, strongly ask their children to take care of themselves, to their own pension, that will only scare their children away.Many old people will think, “If my children are not filial, I have raised them in vain.”On this issue, director Ang Lee once said such a paragraph: “children do not need to be filial to me, he just love me.”This sentence fully interprets the essence of filial piety of children.We should know that children’s filial piety is not required by their parents, but the power of their example, which comes from their love for their parents.Filial piety should be actively given by children, rather than forcefully forced by parents.After all, strong twist melon is not sweet, to the filial piety, the effect will be greatly reduced.A wise old man considers not only his own difficulties, but those of his children as well.Only the elderly who know how to “compare hearts” with their children can gain the sincerity of their filial piety.When the old man put himself in the position of the children to consider the problem, they will have more understanding and care for the old man.After all, people are flesh and blood, relying on senile old people will only make children loathe, willing to put down their dignity, and children’s heart to the wise old people, it is easier to get children’s good treatment.Conclusion: The best way for parents and children to get along with each other is to arrange their own lives without excessive dependence.Parents are their children’s example, children in the power of their parents’ example, live as upright as their parents.The person arrives old age bedridden in bed, the life cannot provide for oneself how to do?A wise old man will know how to be considerate and enjoy the filial piety of his children within their ability.People in their old age, spend their own money, in the arrangement of their own life at the same time, accept children’s icing on the cake, so as to let yourself spend a temperature, affection of the old age, is the right way to life happiness in old age.Author: Cicada singing huai Rui.A light human fireworks, tell the world after 70 old aunt.If you have a story and trouble, welcome to private message me.If you like my article, please click on the upper right corner to follow me. 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