Valentine’s Day is coming. What are you planning to buy?These four digital products are worth considering

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Although it is just the beginning of February, it has to be said that the pace of Valentine’s Day is approaching. If we start to act on the seventh day, we may be in a hurry. After all, it will take some time for the logistics speed to recover, so it is a good strategy to consider now.So what are you planning to buy this Valentine’s Day?Are there inexpensive and classy products? In fact, there are some. Let’s take a look.Mention dyson hair dryer, or is very recognized, and the latest is HD08, and China red gift box, of course, amaranth is also good-looking.Supersonic HD08 has a “anti-flaking nozzle” based on The Conder air flow principle, which reduces flaking hair by 62% at a time compared to the “anti-flaking nozzle”. In the dry condition, it can achieve the vertical fitting effect that used to be achieved by using a hair dryer and a cylinder comb.On the hardware side, the Supersonic HD08 uses the Same Dyson 9th generation digital motor to achieve three times the airflow (four times the gentle nozzle), fast and gentle hair drying in as little as four minutes.It can maintain moisture balance, reduce the damage of hot air to hair, with high speed anion to reduce static electricity and irritable problems.The price of this product is quite rich, the official price is 3290 yuan, some platforms 12 periods of interest-free, more than 270 yuan per month, some one-time purchase and preferential, it is possible to buy within 3000 yuan.Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick Wireless Earphone was launched in November 2021, and is one of the latest generation of wireless earphones.FreeBuds Lipstick supports semi-open active noise reduction, which can intelligently detect the structure of the ear canal and the state of wearing.Its built-in 14.3mm wide range of large moving coil sound unit, sound frequency up to 40kHz, so that the treble more transparent fullness;Low frequency enhanced engine for surging bass performance.The headphones feature semi-open active noise reduction 2.0 technology, bluetooth 5.2, IPX4 waterproof support, and weigh 4.1g.The headset’s battery life is 4 hours with the noise reduction turned off, 2.5 hours with the noise reduction turned on, and 22 hours with the charging case.FreeBuds Lipstick comes in a refined steel charging case, hand polished, and comes in honey and Cream accents.The price of this product is also relatively rich, we can compare more, but the overall price is not expensive, texture is excellent.Marshall ACTON II BLUETOOTH speaker Marshall was founded in 1962. Marshall has been a rock and roll brand for more than 50 years. The appearance of the brand continues the black gold rock style, imitation leather texture, silver gray mesh, solid wooden frame, and the signature handwritten LOGO.In recent years, it has become the new favorite of literary youth.The Marshall ACTON II features one 30W Class D amplified woofer and two 15W Class D amplified trephers. The box is a bass reflector with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection and 3.5mm wired connection.Size 260x160x150mm, weight 2.85kg.In terms of features, the ACTON II uses a top knob to adjust volume, treble and bass, and comes with a rich mobile App.The appearance continues Marshall’s signature style, with faux leather texture + wood frame + mesh, available in black and white.The official price of this product is 2699 yuan, but the overseas purchase price is lower, you can choose according to your needs.The Vivo S12 is its latest generation of thin and light phones with powerful selfie performance, as well as a gorgeous textured look. Prices start at 2,799 yuan.The Vivo S12 is equipped with a front-facing 44 megapixel dual-camera and 8 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, with a “dual-color temperature four-soft light” on the front, further breaking the environment’s restrictions on shooting.In the software, provide the latest micron level skin shaping algorithm, can enhance the texture of the skin at the same time, strengthen the original facial color and three-dimensional sense of facial features.The rear camera, with its 108 million pixel main camera and 1/52 inch sensor, performs well.It uses an integral aero aluminum frame and weighs 181g.With a 6nm processor, it boasts 670,000 PPM, UFS 3.1 storage, a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen, and 44W fast charging.In general, many excellent digital products have realized the unity of function and texture. They not only provide rich functions, but also provide high texture experience. It is not only exciting when unpackaged, but also makes people feel their sense of value in long-term use.In addition, these products will not wear out in the short term, can be used for a long time, and reflect your smart shopping style, is also good.