Why wang Meng was so excited when the Korean speed skating team fell?At her peak, how good was she?

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South Korea speed skating team has been through the little affectations let others slip, we had lost so much, in the history of suffering, the South Korea since the consequences, should be the two of China’s an old saying, “isn’t a report not, time is not to” “the wicked own wicked grinding”, everyone heart always think of South Korea’s China used to eat bitter, a little happy, although this attitude is not very good, but we also should understand Chinese.Wang Meng was very excited when the Korean speed skating team fell down.When Wang Meng was an athlete, he had a deep hatred with the South Korean team. Both Wang Meng and his teammates were beaten by the South Korean team.In 2006, wang Meng finished fourth in the women’s 1,500m final at the Turin Winter Olympics after three South Korean athletes interfered with her.The most classic match with The Korean team is wang Meng’s back hand won the championship, severely humiliated the Korean team.In the women’s 1500m preliminary at the 2013 Short track Speed Skating World Championships, Wang Meng started the “grandpa jogging” mode.After the competition began, other players began to seize the first position, Wang Meng with his hands behind his back.It was not until the last two laps that Wang meng began to pick up speed suddenly, and she slid easily to the first place without even swinging her arms.South Korea has participated in the games for so many years, there will always be their own team athletes use crooked ways to influence other athletes.So, when Korean athletes fall down, most people will be relieved.This games, there is a high speed running 360 degrees without dead Angle capture athletes cheating.I hope each athlete fair competition, such games more exciting competition, with strength, with strength to pay the fruits.How fierce was Wang Meng at his peak?Wang Meng is the first person in the history of short track speed skating in China. What impressed me most about Wang Meng is that in a program, the host asked her who was her biggest opponent in 500 meters, 1000 meters and 1500 meters short track speed skating.Wang Meng said, “No rival, ha ha.” Wang Meng has a pair of gold skates, which are a symbol of status and honor for speed skaters, because only the all-around champion can have such skates.This pair of gold skates is to use points in exchange, the world championship 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters above all the points added together champion all-around, to win such gold skates.Wang Meng has won many gold MEDALS in the events of 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters and so on. It can be said that Wang Meng’s achievement is unique in the history of China’s short track speed skating, and there is no one before or after.The commentary of Wang Meng and Huang Jianxiang is also very interesting, Wang Meng is the most eloquent, in fact, we audience need such commentary of Wang Meng, humorous and passionate, and he is very professional.