Changan Mazda CX-4 crossover SUV is worth your purchase

2022-06-07 0 By

Mazda has been awarded by Mazda for many consecutive years.The store not only sells cars, but also offers five-star one-stop service from car buying to after-sales service, as well as a place for children.So what are the advantages and services in Shaanxi Runda car purchase?Cx-4 — crossover SUV. Compared with off-road SUVs with trapezoidal frame structure, it has a lightweight all-in-one structure, thus providing excellent road performance such as fuel efficiency, ride comfort and quietness, and affordable price.It is the first choice of family car 2.0L naturally aspirated 158 HP 2021 2.0L automatic two-drive Blue Sky Youth edition guide price 142,800 ↓ 142,800 2021 automatic two-drive Blue Sky Vitality edition guide price 152,800202L 202L Automatic two-drive Blue Sky Leading Edition Guide price 168,800 ↓ 115,800 2021 2.0L automatic two-drive blue sky Leading edition guide price 178,800 ↓ 11,168,800 2.5 liters natural suctionThe 192-horsepower 2021 2.5-L Automatic two-drive Blue Sky Driving Fun edition guide price 179,800 ↓ 10,169,800 2021 2.5-L Automatic four-drive Blue Sky Passionate edition guide price 214,800 ↓ 10,000205,800 replacement and big customer subsidies second-hand car replacement free evaluation, replacement to the highest subsidy of 6000 yuan.Government procurement/civil servants/employees of more than 40 large enterprises enjoy a cash subsidy of 3,000 yuan for car purchase.Have professional sales consultant, to exclusive one-on-one service store large children’s heaven and earth, quiet and comfortable rest area and massage area, e-book exchange, characteristic tea, soft drinks, fruit juice supply and let you feel five-star one-stop service traffic convenient geographical location:, inside a car enjoy exclusive VIP parking space, welcome you to visit!!!!!The event will run from February 11, 2022 to February 28, 2022