How good is Deng Hongzao at kung fu?Tianjin tongback 4th generation of the master, “Sai Qin Qiong” name is not empty

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As early as in modern times, tongbei boxing was spread in Beijing and Tianjin, and its history can be traced back to the Qia family in Langfang bazhou, Hebei province in the late Qing Dynasty.However, there have been many branches of the inheritance and development of tongbei Boxing.For example, liuhe tongbei, twenty-four type tongbei (also known as white ape tongbei), two wings tongbei, five elements tongbei and hinge tongbei, etc., the above tongbei schools are not the same as Qia Tongbei.Deng Hongzao and today xiaobian to talk with you about this Mr. Deng Hongzao, he is tianjin tongbei boxing a vein of the fourth generation of the head.So what about Teng’s kung fu attainments?In other words, how good was he at kung fu?Next xiaobian will give you a careful analysis.First of all, from deng Hongzao’s martial arts curriculum vitae.Mr. Deng Hongzao was born in 1918 in an ordinary citizen’s family in Nanshi Street, Tianjin. He had a keen interest in traditional martial arts since childhood and was fortunate to study under the master Zhang Zhe in 1936.Zhang Zhe remained as deng Hongzao until Zhang Lao died. He had been learning boxing from his teacher for 23 years.It is said that during the period when Deng Hongzao was practicing gongfu and Yang taiji gongfu at the door of Lao Zhang, he often lived with the master in the Five Holy Temple (here is the address of the First Five Elements Gongfu Club in Tianjin) in order to conveniently ask for kung fu lessons from his teacher.Deng Hongzao of the Five Holy Temples is precisely because of Mr. Zhang Zhe’s careful teaching for many years, as well as his own practice of hard persistence, this has acquired a good boxing skills, and become a generation of famous martial arts master.Secondly, deng hongzao’s martial arts career.As early as 1953, Mr. Deng Hongzao had already won the first prize in two events, fist and sword, in the national folk sports competition, and he was successfully admitted to the Tianjin Wushu training team in that year.Since then, Teng has won many national wushu competitions.Deng Hongzao Because of his outstanding performance in the domestic martial arts circle, deng Hongzao soon became a member of the National Martial arts Association and a national level 1 referee, and was appointed by tianjin Sports Bureau as the secretary general of the 1st Tianjin Martial Arts Association and other important positions.In 1978, Deng hongzao officially retired and founded tianjin Nankai Martial Arts Museum. He himself served as the first deputy curator and chief coach of the museum.According to statistics, there are more than 2000 students who came to learn open arm boxing only when Deng Hongzao taught boxing in Nankai Martial Arts Museum.It is no exaggeration to say that the reputation of Nankai Martial Arts Museum was unparalleled throughout the mid-1980s.In addition, in 1983 and 1987, Mr. Deng hongzao was appointed by the relevant department of Tianjin, personally led a team to kobe, Osaka and other places in Japan for martial arts teaching and communication, and spread the kungfu to overseas.It is reported that thousands of people followed Deng Hongzao to learn boxing at that time, among which the more famous students of the academy are Shou Balang, Yamada Shuichi and Lu Shanzhi suke.Moreover, Mr. Deng hongzao, who is forbearing in character, has a wide range of friends.Mr. Sha Guozheng and Mr. He Fusheng, the famous martial artists in the history of Chinese traditional martial arts, and Mr. Xiao Yingpeng, the “Monkey King”, are his close friends.Xiao Yingpeng is reported that when the famous martial artist Mr. Kang Gewu (Mr. Sha Guozheng’s apprentice) was studying in Beijing, he often went to Mr. Deng Hongzao’s home in Tianjin on weekends to learn backstroke boxing according to his teacher’s orders.Deng hongzao was not tired of this, and even taught his skills without reservation.Because of this, Deng Hongzao was even nicknamed “Sai Qin Qiong” in the martial arts circle at that time.It was not until 1987 that Teng passed away (at the age of 70).Finally, on the topic of Teng Hongzao’s full backboxing skills, let’s stop here today.Do you have any different opinions about whether the kungfu can stand the test of actual combat?Feel free to leave your original thoughts and opinions below.(For more information about the history of martial arts, welcome to pay attention to the “History of Nanshan Martial Arts” we-media platform, the author is not easy to cultivate and create, handling is bound to track down to the end.)