Instructions and preparations for kindergarten entry for new primary classes are mandatory for parents

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Dear parents, The Spring Festival is over, and the day of school is drawing near.I believe that many parents are now “sitting hard”, afraid of children leave their first, not used to.In fact, this is more than the child’s first “weaning”?It is also our first “little separation” with our children as parents.Many parents are very anxious, eating and sleeping restlessly.Don’t worry, we will send you the reassuring “Instructions for new Class entry” to treat all kinds of difficult problems before school starts. Let’s see what we can do for our children’s first entry!Kindergarten anxiety, the problems that may occur after the baby enters the kindergarten: fear of being unwilling to communicate with teachers and strange children, resist communication, avoid, shrink in the corner or no one.Strong resistance for crying, hitting, biting, throwing things, grab toys and so on.Refuse to eat and drink some parents usually use inappropriate means of reinforcement at home, so that children can not eat strangers’ things, these children come to the garden, easy to behave as refuse to eat and drink.Run out of the classroom to play alone because of a new contact with an environment, surrounded by strangers, there is no little playmates, I did not feel that there is any difference between the kindergarten and home, I ran to a place to play.He lied to his parents when he went home and told them, Teacher (children) beat me, no toys, no food.Stage physical sensitivity due to the new environment so that children’s mood fluctuations, crying, tension, physical consumption is also large, metabolic disorders, and then in a certain stage of physical sensitivity, easy to get sick.Wetting pants and wetting the bed because the teacher needs a certain amount of time to master the rules of children, for children with weak independence ability, came to a new environment, there may be such a situation, as long as parents bring several sets of clothes and pants on the line.Do not want to go to kindergarten to resist the mood is large, easy to cry at night.When children go to kindergarten, the habit of returning to their relatives at any time suddenly changes to the new state of not seeing their family members all day. Such a huge change will cause great psychological pressure, and separation will produce anxiety.So separation anxiety is very normal and common.This anxiety does not only appear in children, children and parents may cause unease, most children will slowly adjust to.Anxiety is contagious, and if parents worry too much in front of their children, it may be harder for them to feel at ease, which is why parents are advised to relax before dealing with it!Parents need to start preparing their children for kindergarten now.1. Mental preparation for children to provide more independent time and opportunities to interact with others;➤ Talk to your children about kindergarten often.Come to live in good health. Come to live in good health.Teach children to dare to come up with their own reasonable requirements for adults: water, urine, and so on, rather than cry instead.➤ Bring two different sets of clothes (preferably marked or marked with your name) to your school bag so that your teacher can change them if they get dirty.3. Teach children to say “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “it doesn’t matter” and other polite phrases.✔ Don’t put your children in front of others.✔ Behavior training children’s civilized behavior, don’t catch people, beat people, hurt peers;➤ Educate children not capricious, disorderly temper;➤ Come to associate with people in languages.Two, parents please do not worry about (1) children to drink water, urine and feces problems 1, just entered the kindergarten, the teacher will remind from time to time.2. After a period of time, after the routine is stable, there is a fixed time to drink water and go to the toilet, but children can still go at will if required.3. For the younger children, the teacher will help them drink water and go to the toilet until the children can do it by themselves.(2) a nap problem (choose the bed, changing the environment does not adapt, sleeping dishonest) the teacher won’t force just nap in children, but with the method of gradual revulsive child nap, as first child “mother” of the echo request, please sit down quietly into the bed, such as children with sleep, and then advised him to sleep in bed.(3) Eating problems when eating, the teacher will give special care to the new kindergarten children, teach them to use a spoon to eat, for individual weak, the teacher will feed.In order to arouse children’s appetite, the kindergarten food is all good in color, smell and taste.When filling meals, take a small number of times as the principle.Arguments with Children in Kindergarten It is normal for children to have arguments (including arguments and even fights).Teachers will use their own professional experience to ensure that every child is in their own vision according to the requirements of standing and avoid physical conflict in the first time when there is a dispute.After the physical conflict is stopped, the teacher will solve the dispute and guide the children to the correct way of communication, parents can try to rest assured.After school, parents must do these points. 1, say goodbye to the children happily. 1, parents send their children to the kindergarten, the children to the teacher, should leave as soon as possible.2, do not hear the child crying and look back at the child, or even take the child home.3, otherwise, the child has this “experience”, the next day into the garden will only cry more.Two, do not deny the child’s anxiety to avoid criticism or deny the child’s separation difficulties.For example, avoid saying angry things like “you’re useless” or “I don’t want kids like you anymore.”1. Parents should not let their children go to kindergarten because they cry.The second day to the fourth day is generally the most severe time for children to cry, parents once the child to the teacher, to leave in time.Promise me, will you?After the children entered the garden, I still do not climb the window to secretly look at it is really worried, keep silently recite “teachers take children is professional” read several times, the heart is calm ~ Safety must know one, safe transport to the park, leave the park orderly queue, comply with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations.1. Come to the kindergarten: Parents should wait at the gate of the kindergarten for their children’s morning check-up and confirm that there is no abnormality before leaving.2, leave the park: parents must cooperate as far as possible do not pick up children in advance, so as not to affect the normal teaching order.Please observe traffic rules consciously and standardize parking.Parent: Excuse me, can we get in?Teacher: In order to avoid children’s clustering cross infection, parents are not allowed to enter the park when the baby enters the park. Parents can only leave after the baby passes the morning examination.When the baby leaves the kindergarten, parents need to wait in the designated area outside the gate of the kindergarten, and teachers of each class will take out the baby in batches according to the specified time of leaving the kindergarten and hand it to the parents.While waiting outside the park, parents should avoid crowds, do not take off masks at will, and keep a distance of one meter from others.Children should wash their hands before entering the kindergarten (use hand sanitizer to wash their hands, and follow the seven-step washing method strictly). Only after the morning check by the health teacher can they enter the class.❖ If your child has fever (not exceeding 37.2℃), cough, sore throat, chest tightness, fatigue, diarrhea, etc., please ask your teacher for leave and go to the hospital immediately. After recovery, you can enter the kindergarten with a hospital certificate.Children with symptoms of suspected infectious diseases should go to the nearest hospital and inform the kindergarten of the results and provide a medical record card.The children must rest in isolation at home. After the period of isolation, they can return to the kindergarten with the certificate of the hospital.If one member of the family has an infectious disease, he/she must inform the teacher in time. The rest of the family is a close contact, so the children should stay at home and not come to the park.❖ Children with special health conditions should inform the kindergarten if they have a history of allergies or diseases (such as high fever, convulsions, seizures, etc.) and take preventive measures.If children find unwell before coming to the kindergarten, they should explain the situation to the health teacher and register well during the morning check-up.Explain your child’s medical condition, medication status and medication requirements if necessary and have a valid medical record or doctor’s prescription.On the medicine must write clearly the child’s class, name, medicine name, taking method and dosage, so as not to take it by mistake, every day in the medicine book registration signature.Parents pick up the rest of the medicine every day, without special explanation, the next day stop feeding medicine.Health care teachers may refuse to accept patients without medical records.Food safety In order to ensure the healthy diet of children, please do not bring food and birthday cake to the garden, in order to avoid food poisoning caused by unclean food.No take-away food is allowed in the kindergarten.Education bureau unified distribution, 48 hours to retain samples.Children should wear shoes that are convenient for movement and walking.Do not wear decorations around your child’s neck or hands to avoid loss or swallowing of them into the air pipe.Parents should be aware that the personal items provided by parents for children should be marked in advance for children to distinguish.Dress code: loose, breathable, sweat-absorbing clothes that are easy for children to put on and take off are recommended.All shoes wear soft bottom, non – slip sports shoes.(Summer girls should not wear halter top, skirt;In winter, it is recommended to prepare a light down or thermal vest to wear in the park.) Change of clothing requirements: spring and summer (mainly: underwear, outer pants, socks).Autumn and winter (underwear, sweater wool pants, outer pants, socks, etc.).Bag requirements: It is advisable to fit a BOOK of A4 size.Write the child’s name in bold place.Toys: During the epidemic prevention and control period, children’s toys are not allowed in the park.Children entering the kindergarten will certainly go through an adaptation period, because children have individual differences, the length of time to adapt is also different, please do not worry too much, this is the first step for children to grow into the society.I believe that with the concerted efforts and cooperation of the kindergarten and parents, the children of the new class can successfully pass the critical period of entering the kindergarten and adapt to the collective life of the kindergarten early!* Disclaimer: Most of the text and pictures of this article are from the network, by kindergarten teachers through the service platform xiaobian collation and editing, focus on the sharing of excellent education ideas, if there is infringement, please contact background message deletion.