National Normal school overview: Henan Huaiyang Normal School

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Huaiyang Normal School of Henan Province is located in huaiyang, a famous historical and cultural city.In march of the first year of Xuantong of the Qing Dynasty (1909), It was founded by Chenzhou Prefecture, originally named Chenzhou Prefecture Junior Normal School, which was one of the earliest normal schools in Henan Province.In 1913, it was renamed provincial Huaiyang Normal School, directly under the Department of Education.In 1916, Xuchang normal school merged, was ordered to rename the second provincial normal school, 1927, the second provincial division and the third provincial merger, renamed the provincial Huaiyang Zhongshan School, In August 1928, the two schools branch, still known as the second provincial normal school, 1933, again known as Henan Huaiyang Normal School.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation, the school was relocated to Lushan, Neixiang, Xihua, Zhoukou, Xiangcheng, Xiping, Jigong Mountain and other places.In the spring of 1949, Xinyang was peacefully liberated, and xinyang School was taken over by the Xinyang People’s government. In the autumn of 1950, the school resumed in Huaiyang. In 1958, it was once renamed Huaiyang Normal University, and in the “special decade”, it was renamed Yuhong Normal University and Xinhuai Normal University.2002 Huaiyang Normal School changed its name to “Zhoukou Preschool Normal School” and moved to downtown Zhoukou.In 2021, it was renamed Zhoukou College of Arts and Sciences.Huai Division in the ups and downs of the experience of more than 100 spring and autumn.More than 20,000 students have been trained.For the party’s revolution and construction of the cause of training a lot of talents, especially for henan and Zhoukou area of education has made a great contribution.Famous alumni: Xu Yunuo, Xu Yukun, Gu Zhichuan, Dai Junxian, Mu Renxian, Guo Jiesan, Zhang Huazhong, Hu Quanzhang School song: the river surging, huai Water soup, wei my school, too hao old state.Ertai string song yong, Suting chanting sound long.Toward grind evening denounce, help help to stumble!Establish division road, train people this, dun education, earthquake country program.Loyal yong minyi, strive to self-improvement!Loyal yong minyi, strive to self-improvement!Event: On May 20, 1993, the school held the 84th anniversary symposium, xu Yukun, Zhu Yexiang and other more than 500 prospective teachers graduates returned to their Alma mater.District and county leaders came to congratulate.In November 2021, “Forever Huaiyang Normal School” began to solicit articles.The editorial board of Eternal Huaiyang Normal School was established.The director of the editorial board is Dai Junxian.Gu Zhichuan teacher as the draft.In November 1992, Huai Teachers won the “National National Conditions Knowledge Contest Collective Organization Excellence Award” by China Youth Daily.The good news came, the school boiling, a cheering sound.Li Zongwu, then secretary of the Party Committee of THE University, led zhu Liangchun, deputy director of the Office, and Guo Jiesan, senior lecturer, to go to Beijing for the first time to accept the award on behalf of the university in the Great Hall of the People.In September 1993, master Huai was invited to participate in the national “Agfa Chinese Calligraphy Art Exhibition in China” competition.As a result, he won a big prize.The school sent me (then the Dean of Educational Affairs) to lead a group of three award-winning students to attend the award ceremony in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing again.(From: An Yubing, “Forever Huaiyang Normal School 023: The Second Hometown is Stronger”) (The official account of “Teachers and Students of Middle School”, is planned to edit a book “National Survey of Normal Schools from 1978 to 2000” in 2022.We are now seeking the secondary school to contact the participant.Contact 1 participant from each normal school.The subjects are teachers and students in middle schools or leaders and staff of secondary normal schools from 1978 to 2000.Collect and check the publicity, materials, articles, pictures and activities of the participating schools.Participants will be eligible to become members of the editorial board of “National Normal School Survey 1978-2000”, “Teachers and Students” official account, and paper version of “Teachers and Students” official account.)