Shandong guy was arranged to sleep with his father-in-law, stealthily drill girlfriend bed was reported by his brother-in-law, the end of the explosion of laughter

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Guide language: the man visits girl friend home, be turned against by brother-in-law however one army, how is this to return a responsibility?Let’s take a look.Not long ago, during the Spring Festival in Jinan, Shandong Province, a man visited his girlfriend for the first time. After staying at her house for several days, his girlfriend’s father suddenly came home.Originally in the girlfriend’s father is not at home these days, the man is his own father-in-law in the room to sleep, this girlfriend’s father came back, he had nowhere to go, the man quickly to his girlfriend for help.But his girlfriend said he could sleep in the same room as his father.The man is very reluctant, so while quasi father-in-law fell asleep, secretly slipped into the girl friend’s room to hide in the bed, thought you could sleep a good sleep, did not think the girl friend’s brother actually followed the man behind, ready to report to mom and dad.As soon as the video was posted online, it attracted a large number of netizens to comment on it.Many netizens were amused to see his brother standing in the woman’s room at the end of the video.One netizen commented: “This brother is very warm and knows how to stand up for his sister.”Another commented: ‘Is this how awkward it is to go to your girlfriend’s house for the first sleepover?”It’s really hard to figure out where to sleep if you don’t have a spare room.”M: Well, if it hadn’t been for my brother, maybe I could have slept better that night.But since you’ve been spotted, sleep with your future father-in-law.Conclusion: finally the man obediently went back.