A college teacher in Sichuan founded a Muay Thai boxing club to teach both boxing and fighting

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Chengdu, China News Network, April 1″Now, I come to the gym three or four times a week to fight Muay Thai. It has become an integral part of my life.”After training on The evening of March 31, Liang yuan said muay Thai has not only improved her shape, but also boosted her confidence.Liang Yuan, who graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a PhD in economics, is now an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management at UESTC. She is a popular economics teacher and the founder of a Muay Thai gym in Sichuan province. Fighting Muay Thai has become an indispensable part of Liang’s life.It is understood that Muay Thai boxing is a traditional Boxing in Thailand. It is a sport famous for its strength and agility.It mainly uses the fist, leg, knee and elbow of the human body as eight weapons to attack, which is called the science of the eight body.Muay Thai boxing does not stick to any fixed pattern, but advocates free and flexible display in actual combat, showing the characteristics of “fast, accurate and ruthless”, known as the strongest fighting skills.Wearing a neat ponytail, Liang Yuan looked thin and weak, but in the ring, and the Muay Thai champion liang Yuan, fierce boxing, fierce legs.”I’m an amateur now.”Talking about his level of Thai boxing, Liang Yuan modestly said.”I started to fall in love with Thai boxing when I accompanied my son to learn it.”Liang said she was influenced by her economics major’s emphasis on efficiency, so she started practicing Thai boxing while sending her children to school.Since then, Liang yuan’s love for Muay Thai has been out of control. She even went to Thailand to learn more about muay Thai by visiting famous boxing clubs and fighters there.After many investigations, Liang yuan founded the Muay Thai Gym in 2019, introducing coaches from Thailand and committed to promoting pure Muay Thai.Liang Yuan applied her knowledge of economics to the management and operation of The Muaythai Boxing Hall. The establishment of the Muaythai Boxing Hall also brought more vivid cases to Liang Yuan’s economics class, enabling her to bring more practical economic principles to students.Liang yuan was also named “MBA Favorite Teacher” of UESTC in 2019.The comments of her classmates are: “The profound management economics theory, with concise language, so that everyone can understand, learn, remember, she is the wisdom and beauty of teacher Liang.”Now, liang yuan’s muay Thai gym has been open for three years and attracts a steady stream of people as young as four.”Everyone comes to practice for different reasons. Some parents send their children to keep fit, some women to defend themselves or lose weight, and some men to de-stress.”Liang said muay Thai can kill multiple birds with one stone.”Muay Thai boxing is not only a way to keep fit, but also conveys a spirit of courage, perseverance, comity and humility to the public.”Liang said she hopes that people who learn Muay Thai boxing will have a strong body, a relaxed mood, and the ability and confidence to protect themselves.Source: Chinanews.com