What’s so special about the new proposal?What are the reasons for the good reviews

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The word “delayed retirement” must be familiar to everyone. As early as 2008, relevant departments put forward the discussion plan on whether China needs to implement “delayed retirement”.For more than a decade, the topic of whether to postpone and how to postpone retirement has been hotly debated. In 2013, a questionnaire conducted by People’s Daily Online showed that nearly 70% of respondents were against postponing retirement.Now that a new proposal is in the works, let’s take a look at why it’s so popular.Why old solution is difficult to be recognized first “delay retirement” overall direction is correct, whether because the original retirement age has for decades, life expectancy has from the beginning of the founding of the 50 to 2020 years of 77 – year – old, or close to retirement age needs to internationalization, the revised original retirement policy in China is imperative.But the original guidance was to raise the retirement age for all, for example to 65 for men and women by 2045.This has caused anxiety among the public. In some high-intensity jobs, workers may not be able to do it by the age of 50 or so, while in some mental jobs, employees are able and willing to stay for a few more years, since the income is better than the pension after all.So people have different ideas, different expectations, it is difficult to get the approval of all the staff on the job.Now, according to the new proposal of the 14th Five-Year Plan, delaying retirement will not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to the specified age, but will be treated differently according to the needs of gender, occupation, post and individual. The principle is given 16 words: small adjustment, flexible implementation, classified promotion, overall consideration.As soon as the news came out, it was recognized and praised for the humanization and refinement of policy making.The new proposal will generally guide retirement plans in several ways: one, in small steps, by a few months a year or a month every few months.The retirement age will not be raised year by year, but will be adjusted slowly over a period of a month or months, and the impact will be minimal.But because of the huge base, the long flow, will play a huge role in the filling of China’s pension “reservoir”, the masses are also willing to understand and support this decision for the benefit of the people and the country.2. Personal choice: after satisfying a certain length of service, the worker can choose to retire or not retire by himself.The differences between individuals, a lot of people in their 50 s and 60 s, physical condition is still good, energetic and I are very interested in post play to their talents, especially scientific research personnel and medical workers, they can make outstanding contributions in this age it is, if they return to the family,But virtually caused the waste of labor resources.Three, different positions, different post standards, this has been the focus of everyone’s struggle, a lot of work, the labor intensity, the physical condition of workers, reaction ability have high requirements, if the mandatory retirement time back, I believe that many intensive labor workers are also very difficult to find a job.In the future, the national policy will be further refined and take into account the age requirements of all posts, instead of being divided into workers and cadres as before.All people need to do is to do their best in their own post to do the present job, and they will enjoy the corresponding national welfare in the future.Summary: our country is not only made a detailed feasible strategies, and the key is has been committed to promoting the benign development of the whole society employment environment and employment environment healthy, every one in the ship forward find their own position, and no longer anxious, retirement retirement will be a good subject to live and work in peace and contentment.