Zhang Kaifeng, who was asked by Ma Hongtao to remove makeup on the face of 500,000 netizens and attract 20 million fans, is male or female?

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Female Internet celebrities are being asked to remove their makeup, which is probably the most popular sight among melon eaters.Last year, Northeast Chinese Internet star Zhang Kaifeng was asked to take off her makeup in front of her 500,000 followers after she lost a live-streaming competition with fellow Internet star Ma Hongtao.01 After removing makeup was asked to turn off the beauty filter, Zhang Kaifeng can tolerate this?Obviously, Zhang kaifeng was not happy with Ma hongtao’s request, and blurted out: “Is this really fun?”Opposite Ma Hongtao, also did not want to pass the meaning of Zhang Kaifeng, a man, a word spoken can not be traced.In fact, Ma Hongtao this request a little “revenge” meaning, before Zhang Kaifeng removed his cabinet, has been so that he was upset, this caught the opportunity, also can not make trouble for Zhang Kaifeng?At this point in the live broadcast room popularity has been very high, in the “under the eyes of the public”, although Zhang Kaifeng embarrassed, but also not afraid, I saw her hand up and down, one side of the false eyelash was pulled down.From this moment on, Ma went into mocking mode: “Ouch, these eyelashes are fake!”Zhang Kaifeng’s violent temper was also ignited by this sentence, both sides you come and I go, language PK constantly, at that time between the atmosphere at sword’s edge, two people are anxious to rush out of the screen, on the spot to a mutual tear.Blabbermouth to blabbermouth, makeup removal must continue, Ma Hongtao simply follow Zhang Kaifeng makeup removal steps to a section of improvised commentary.And the heart is very uncomfortable Zhang Kaifeng several times with deep breathing to calm down, to the end also broke the pot broken, not only clean makeup unloading, but also simply in front of the onlooker’s face washed the face.Things develop here, Zhang Kaifeng complied with the rules of the game, Ma Hongtao also gave an evil spirit, should have come to an end.But Ma Hongtao was not satisfied.He “pushed her luck” and asked zhang to turn off her beauty face and show her natural appearance to netizens.In the end, the battle came to an end after Zhang turned off her beauty face with gritted teeth. Ma Hongtao was “avenged” and laughed happily.What surprised the Internet users most was that Zhang kaifeng, who has always been wearing heavy make-up, openly revealed her natural make-up.Because of this, the whole live broadcast, fans brush the enthusiasm of the gift.Up to now, the live broadcast is still people with relish, makeup removal Zhang Kaifeng is the object of heated discussion.On some software, Zhang Kaifeng is a huge online celebrity with nearly 20 million fans. When it comes to her, it’s hard not to say that she has a “death shake”.Dress up sexy and charming Zhang Kaifeng “death shake” up very different from two people, just like crazy rabbit, even if the foot steps on 10 cm high-heeled shoes, wearing a black skirt, she can also with cattle coax coax back flip to “death shake” draw perfect full stop.With her powerful performance and one funny joke after another, Zhang soon became a big-body online sensation.We all know that Internet celebrities will do anything to stay hot, and Zhang kaifeng is no different.Zhang Kaifeng, who was beaten repeatedly, deserves sympathy or play hype?Human money dead birds for food death, net red in order to flow by hook or crook.In the boxing game held by elder brother sanda, red road network gathered, who bear, zhang Kaifeng and two donkeys scuffled into a group of amazing scenes.In the fight, the two donkey first to the potential of thunder ran to Zhang Kaifeng, brandish fist to Zhang Kaifeng head greeting, Zhang Kaifeng hide too late, while being beaten while fleeing.See hide however this rob, Zhang Kaifeng also began to fight back, caught two donkeys, holding his head is a burst of hit.However, this move of hers is insignificant in front of the size of two donkeys.The two donkeys were blown up simply the whole person to ride zhang Kaifeng, without mercy.This scene even the judges are to see stay, after the reaction rushed forward, from the furious two donkey under the “save” zhang Kaifeng.And be hit acute eye of zhang Kaifeng, pick off boxing gloves after ruthlessly jilt in two donkey body, put down a malicious words: “after two donkey place I absolutely do not participate in, too TM disgusting!””And stormed off.It was an entertaining fight game, and at this point, other Internet celebrities didn’t know how to clean up the mess.In fact, this was not the first time Zhang Kaifeng had been beaten. She still remembered the past when she clashed with her apprentices in public.At the time, the apprentice and master were on air discussing the hot topic, but when it came to appearance, they began to fray.The apprentice does not put Zhang Kaifeng in the eye, attitude is rampant, mouth does not choose words to ridicule Zhang Kaifeng’s appearance.Zhang Kaifeng could not bear this, so she gave her disciple two feet. “Who are you talking about?!”Apprentice also unconvinced, instant put Zhang Kaifeng down on the ground, even chuai with scold.How bad is that? How bad is that?!Reluctantly tidied up the mood and appearance, Zhang Kaifeng or anger has not disappeared.On another live broadcast, Zhang fought bai Xiaobai, her collaborator and rumored subject.In the network red “small yiyi” in the studio, Zhang Kaifeng and white xiaopai was fine, and then a dispute, Zhang Kaifeng then half-jokingly hit the white Xiaopai.Who knows white xiaobai incredibly seriously, immediately and Zhang Kaifeng staged a full martial arts.Zhang Kaifeng’s eyelashes were torn from her eyes and her clothes and hair were in a mess.She is very grievance, lying on the ground crying, provoke people around love dearly.Netizens who have seen the wind and waves do not see it that way.In their view, the two contributed a drama, nothing more than to bring some heat to the live video.The so-called “world network red family”, in order to flow, they turn enemies into friends or “turn against each other” is not surprising.Despite the controversy, the most curious thing about Zhang is her gender.Is Zhang Kaifeng, who attracts 20 million fans, a man or a woman?Is Zhang Kaifeng, an Internet celebrity with nearly 20 million followers, a man or a woman?Almost every watch Zhang Kaifeng video net friends, will issue such a question.Zhang Kaifeng daily makeup is charming, black long straight big red lips, small skirt hate sky high, as well as no less, the home page is also clearly marked gender is “female”;But, from the facial features and voice, it is hard to avoid the suspicion that Zhang Kaifeng is a man in drag?This has apparently become a topic of heated discussion among melon eaters.However, no matter how the outside world says, Zhang Kaifeng has not publicly responded to his gender doubts, so all kinds of Revelations spread more and more sheng.Some netizens claimed to have witnessed Zhang entering the men’s room while attending offline events, while another woman revealed that Zhang was a man and she had been his ex-girlfriend.There is little evidence for these rumors, and so far only one other Internet celebrity, Lu Jia Ban Xiao Pang, seems to have some credibility.In the story, Zhang Kaifeng’s real name is Zhang Dejian, and Zhang Dejian was originally a northeast Errenzhuan actor who performed cross-dressing.Time is long, Zhang Dejian is at his ease to dress up as a woman this thing, then simply change name “Zhang Kaifeng”, take the express of short video times with the identity of a woman, made net red.”Donkey Jia Ban Xiao Pang” is one of Zhang kaifeng’s best friends on the Internet, and they have a lot of contacts, so most netizens think “Donkey Jia Ban Xiao Pang” is 70 or 80 credible.After that, Zhang finally addressed her gender issues during a live broadcast.She made a point of showing the gender on her id card in the broadcast room, and sure enough, it was a card that listed her gender as female.However, as Zhang showed the ID card with her name hidden, revealing only her gender and year of birth, many netizens were not convinced by her claim of innocence.In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman, the netizens are just curious about it at most.Even if Zhang kaifeng knows this is hot, in order to arouse the curiosity of netizens, it is understandable.However, what determines whether an Internet celebrity can be truly and permanently welcomed by fans is certainly not the tactics that hide the truth and the endless hype.As a public figure, the most important thing is to provide quality content for fans.If you can’t understand this point, only know to do a few vulgar eye-catching drama endlessly, sooner or later it will be eliminated.What happened to Hong Xin, a “beautiful stupid woman”?”Sun Wukong says car” official declare, bai Fumei wife is what origin?Was old Liao, the new “migrant worker emperor”, used by Zhang Cannon?