Four turnovers and five fouls!Westbrook is an inefficient triple-double, grabbing rebounds for stats

2022-06-09 0 By

Inefficiency is synonymous with less, this season he can play many games of inefficient performance, but that is not the most deadly, defense is less one of the biggest problems, in today’s game and the trail blazers, less obsessed with data again, and at a crucial moment defensive leak, almost destroyed and Anthony Davis.In the third quarter, has less to 9 rebounds, also sent a he can rebound in double, so they started to teammates rebound, after has missed a penalty in nur, wei ran into no less to when nur, but ran to Howard’s side, rebound, with his final ball was less out of the bottom line, the trail blazers again won the ball.And at the final moment, Anthony and Davis scored in a row, help the team get 5 points lead, then after playing less, not only misses a ball, and two times to give up the base para Powell, who voted for the two open 3 points, he is in the basket rebound, himself in the score was tied, and even be ahead.Davis stepped up and took advantage of his advantage, playing inside and scoring 11 points and eight rebounds in the quarter and 30 points and 15 rebounds in the win.Anthony had 12 assists and 20 points for the lakers, while Westbrook, 3-of-12, had nine points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists, four turnovers and five fouls, the lowest of any lakers starter.Harden also had eye defense against the Kings, but the difference is that Westbrook’s miss defense is more of an awareness issue. He doesn’t even know he has a problem with it. He sees it almost every game, and it will be magnified in the playoffs.Do you think the lakers are better off without Westbrook?