Henan Lingbao: Culture benefits people music Spring Festival

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Henan Daily rural edition reporter Liu Jinghua correspondent Xing Bo “This Spring Festival, I took my children to Hangu Pass three times, watching xuanzong ancestor worship ceremony, guan Ling welcome guests, Chinese dragon dance, traditional folk fire and other wonderful cultural performances, let the children understand a lot of historical allusions, feel the endless charm of traditional culture…”On February 8, a tourist with a child at the Hangu Pass historical and cultural tourist zone in Lingbao city, Henan province, said his feelings.Cultural huimin for happiness overweight on the eve of Spring Festival in 2022, in the face of a new round of epidemic prevention and control situation, lingbao city, adhere to the principle of hand pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control, grasping the cultural security, let jincheng spi is enhancing the epidemic prevention and control of “iron wall”, also let the people enjoy a happy and peaceful huimin cultural feast “spirit”.In light of the new situation of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the local Chinese New Year, the Publicity department of Lingbao city coordinated online and offline resources to organize colorful cultural activities for the 2022 Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, providing the masses with a “cultural feast” full of the taste of the New Year.Cultural activities are carried out online and offline. Offline activities cover tourist attractions, parks, cinemas and so on. Effective prevention and control measures such as code scanning, one-meter line, personnel switching peak, and scale control are adopted to orderly open the cultural activities.Online activities rely on lingbao Rong Media Center, China Jincheng Media, Lingbao Culture travel and other new media at all levels of the city, organized and carried out a variety of festival cultural activities, do “double festival” during the mass cultural activities “closed”.”Although the epidemic prevention and control of the Spring Festival cannot go out of Lingbao at will, we can also enjoy the thick culture and festive atmosphere of Lingbao at home. Watching the Online Spring Festival Gala, the wonderful Spring Festival gala of Lingbao over the years, and the dough sculptures of Intangible cultural heritage also make us live a full and happy life…”February 8, Lingbao city riverside park walk Wang aunt said happily.The year of the tiger of the Spring Festival, lingbao city make full use of spi on the “cloud” cloud APP, WeChat public number, culture, trill, such as platform, the planning 40 online mass cultural activities, extensive network gala, writing Spring Festival couplets, online answer win gifts, painting and calligraphy exhibition, yangko drum performance, college students’ festival rich contents, various forms of online culture huimin activities,It is close to the people, close to life, and meets the diverse cultural needs of the masses.”Yi” to fight the epidemic, you and I together.Lingbao City Dramatists Association organized the shooting of the opera MV “Pu Yun Sound to prevent the epidemic” to be widely spread, active in the mass culture at the same time, but also enhance the public awareness of epidemic prevention and control.Many people use their time at home to sing accompaniment and take photos of Douyin, not only learning new ways of playing in the Internet age, but also taking photos of their new aspirations for a better life in the Year of the Tiger. They “shake off” their New Year style on Douyin and Wechat moments.From the 23rd Little Year of the 12th lunar month to the 15th Lantern Festival, Lingbao city has set up a number of festive themed activities to guide the general public to enjoy the festival.All towns and units will focus on outdoor cultural and sports projects that are welcomed by the masses, positive, diverse and easy for the masses to participate in. The activities will be held in open and open venues. Under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the festival cultural life of the masses will be enriched, the main theme will be played, and the positive energy will be spread.Huanguguan town Lei Jiagou, wall bottom and other villages organized the masses to carry out yangko, drum, fan dance and other colorful cultural activities;The art lovers of Dongguyi Village in Western Yan township went to the open ecological corridor of the Yellow River and performed a series of opera programs for the masses, enriching the cultural life of the masses during festivals.Enjoy a feast of ice and snow to start the New Year of the Tiger.In the Niangniang Mountain scenic area, the national tide cultural performances let visitors enjoy the joy of cultural benefits.In Hangu Pass scenic spot and Lavender Manor, a series of cultural activities such as skiing, folk performance and traditional culture have attracted many citizens.During the Spring Festival, lingbao city area strengthen epidemic prevention and control, implement “flow” peak, to make an appointment, epidemic prevention and control measures, such as strict xiaosha system, enter the scenic area tourist wearing masks, test temperature, and yards, strengthen patrol, increase the sign, for visitors to create a safe, satisfactory tourism environment.During the Spring Festival holiday, Lingbao received a total of 114,800 tourists, with the city’s comprehensive tourism income of more than 23 million yuan. The tourism market is safe and stable, and the tourism industry is standardized and orderly.No fireworks, more than a civilized and peaceful.This Spring Festival, in order to reduce environmental pollution, prevent fire accidents, protect public safety and citizens’ personal and property safety, Lingbao city banned the sale of fireworks, setting off firecrackers, let urban and rural residents happy holidays, civilized holidays.The city issued a circular on the double ban and issued a series of punishment regulations to strengthen the investigation and punishment of violations of the “double ban” and punish those who illegally sell and set off fireworks.At the same time, to increase the mass publicity and education efforts, Lingbao publicity, rong media center, Cloud Lingbao, China Golden City media and other platforms through the release of announcements, videos, proposals and other forms of extensive publicity, to create a good atmosphere of green environmental protection.During the festival, Lingbao city in the whole city to carry out in-depth competition for civilized citizens “bid farewell to bad habits tree new wind, civilization see action” activities.We have established and improved the system of “one date and five meetings” to effectively govern unhealthy customs such as weddings and funerals, and actively carry out themed practice activities such as “Cd-rom Day”, “civilized dining table” and “civilized tourism” to guide citizens to develop green and environmental protection concepts, change customs, and make a new trend of civilized society fashionable.Online activities are colorful, offline activities are wonderful…During the Spring Festival, under the premise of lingbao city in go all out to do the epidemic prevention and control, set the mass cultural activities in the content and activities arrangement is more close to the actual, life and the populace, fully meet the cultural needs of the masses, to the Spring Festival cultural activities become the city’s economic development services, show the image of the city, create harmonious social atmosphere and the effective carrier,It has won recognition and praise from all walks of life.In 2021, lingbao city cultural center was rated as “national cultural center”, won the nationwide reading advanced unit in henan lingbao city library, take the lead in promoting the construction of village culture cooperatives circle powder innumerable, spi cloth art, spi gong book approved list of intangible cultural heritage representative projects in henan province, lingbao city chorus performance won the first prize in the…In recent years, the CCTV Spring Festival gala, Chinese farmers “country star really brilliant,” the country big stage “and other cultural activities successively into the spi, organizations in the city held a square dance competition, rural revitalization of cultural BBS, poverty DangEn literature into the villages, we together up a series of large-scale cultural activities, lingbao city successfully created public cultural service system at the provincial level demonstration area,Mass cultural activities are in the forefront.Culture consolidates people and promotes development in harmony.Through mass cultural activities to carry out, carry forward the social positive energy, led the city’s social ethos, in-depth development of spiritual civilization construction, emerging out of the back mother see jan tian-jun wang, knelt to save Peng Loulou, over the wall to rescue students Li Chunmiao advanced typical character, such as a large number of outstanding volunteers and advanced typical character emerge,Every year by the four leaders of Lingbao city personally visit the door to award the plaque for the advanced typical figures, highlighting the cultural confidence, in the whole society formed a strong atmosphere of chongde to the good, see the good.Spring is in full swing and flowers are blooming.Rural vitalization needs both shape and soul.Lingbao takes cultural construction as the spiritual power of rural revitalization, adheres to the principle of integrity and innovation, and realizes cultural benefit and enjoyment for the people, constantly increasing the people’s sense of cultural acquisition and happiness.Editor: Ma Huixia