How do I manually allocate memory on a PD VM?

2022-06-09 0 By

After installing pd VMS, many users find that the memory is too small. How do I expand the memory occupied by PD VMS?Note that you must close Windows to change!First of all, you need to know how much memory your computer has. Take a look at this: First, turn off The Windows system. After turning off the Windows system, the screen below is displayed.If the control center is closed by accident, it can also be accessed from the menu bar above, as shown in the picture: In the control center, click hardware –CPU and Memory — and select manually.If you select manual, you can choose the memory you want to allocate to the PD based on your needs.It should be noted that if the memory allocated to the virtual machine is too much, the computer will run slowly, which will affect the operation of PD. Therefore, at least 4G memory should be reserved for the Apple system.Once you’re done, click on the lock icon next to you to prevent you from changing it again.Standing Mac software resources